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  1. cutie

    221g White form @ hyderabad Nov,Dec

    Hi, I got my Visa finally on Feb 28th. My clearance date was Feb 21st. Case status got updated after I got my passport in hand. I got email/SMS from VFS to collect my passport first, but the case status was still showing pending. I know the pain of waiting as this is the second time I waited, first time took 60 days, second time 80 days to proces, I was abut to loose my job too. I pray for everyone to get their visas soon.
  2. cutie

    221g White form @ hyderabad Nov,Dec

    check VFS website https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/ApplnForms/TrackYourPassport.aspx , you should be able to collect it tomorrow at vfs office hyd
  3. cutie

    221g White form @ hyderabad Nov,Dec

    Raj, Please let me know if you got your visa. reach me at aaquil@zmail , replace z with g.
  4. cutie

    221g White form @ hyderabad Nov,Dec

    Raj, Yes VO has retained my passport. I observed consulate generally approves the case on wednesday and we can collect our passports on thursday. https://www.vfs-usa....urPassport.aspx check the above VFS site if your passport is ready for pickup. If VFS says the passport is with consulate on thursday then we have to wait until next thursday. Please update me with your status.
  5. Congratulation! very happy for you. Infact I pray for everyone to get their visa's soon. Not sure why they gave you 221g white, do you have a common muslim name?
  6. cutie

    221g White form @ hyderabad Nov,Dec

    Anyone with white form 221g in Nov,Dec please comment!
  7. Hi, Following are my interview details, please post yours so that we can have an idea. Docs Submitted : 2nd Dec Visa Interview : 7th Dec Visa Questions : General/basic Consular gave white 221g form (not slip) and said he would email a questionnaire and I need to reply as soon as I can. Received email same day asking for resume,client letter, itinerary, countries visited etc, replied back on 8th Dec , waiting for case status change. Please pray for yourself, me n my family and everyone in this situation. only God can help us out.