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  1. Hi, If you/your spouse travel to India now, there are high chances that they may reject your H1-H4 change of status citing that the applicant is not in the country while there is a pending change of status. once that is rejected, they will then put a hold on the H4 EAD application saying that since the applicant is not in valid status/visa (in this case H4) they cannot approve the H4 EAD and will give some time (may be 1-2 months) to provide the appropriate documentation that shows the applicant is in H4. believe me I faced the same situation. Thanks
  2. visa@Vancouver12

    Audit on Labor

    Hi, My employer applied my labor in jan 2014 and I got an audit in august which he answered right away. It is been more than 6 months now since they answered the audit. Is there any way we can check the status of my labor ? Thanks in advance. Raj.
  3. visa@Vancouver12

    Appointment dates for chennai, hyderabad

    HYD: 12/24, 12/29, 12/30 many in Jan and Feb Chennai: almost everyday in dec , jan and feb.
  4. Hi Everyone, Can Anyone please let me know of any available Visa slots in Hyderabad or chennai for the second week of December. From December 8 - 12. I am on vacation to India from dec 7 to 21, wanted to check if I can complete my visa interview in that time frame or if I have to go to canada or Jamaica before my vacation begins. Thanks.
  5. visa@Vancouver12

    Dates available in chennai or hyderabad

    Hi InfoSlicers,RogerMoore, Can you please let me know of any available Visa slots in Hyderabad or chennai for the second week of December. From December 8 - 12. I am traveling to India from dec 7 to 21, wanted to see if I can complete my visa processing in that time frame or if I have to go to canada or Jamaica before my vacation begins. Thanks.
  6. visa@Vancouver12

    Stuck in Kingston ... need to travel to India in 10 days

    Hi Patienceiskey, Hope your visa is approved on OCt 23 in India, PLease share your experience. Thanks
  7. visa@Vancouver12

    Visa Dates

    Hi Can anyone let me know the available slots in Jamaica or India in the next 2 months? From November first week to december 26. Thanks.
  8. Hi, My fiancee is planning to attedn the H1 B visa in Chennai in MAY or June. She is travelling to India in those 2 months. Can any one let me know the available visa slots in Chennai during this period please? Thanks, BVR
  9. visa@Vancouver12

    Successful H1 Visa stamping@Vancouver March19th

    @Prawah.... I was on EVVC model too. My client letter listed only the pirmary vendor and my employer, but I carried all the related information between vendors and my employer.
  10. visa@Vancouver12

    Vancouver Stamping - Dress code, bag/folder etc.

    there is no dress Code. I have seen some coming in Jeans and Hoodies too....but appearing Decent is the trick.
  11. It is taking around 30 days in NY. Be prepaired. I have one of my friend apply for the visa on feb 13 and he got it back on march 19.
  12. visa@Vancouver12

    Question @ returning I-94 at POE

    you can submit your I-94 even when you are entering US while collecting new I 94. I have done the same I forgot to submit my i-94 while going to canada but I submitted it when returning back at the POE.
  13. visa@Vancouver12

    Non-IT to Software consultant

    if you have any computer related courses in your masters you can answer him that those courses were of much interested and thought of exploring the IT field and have done certifications based on those courses and found a job. but be confident and bold.
  14. visa@Vancouver12

    221G White Slip in Vancoover

    You should have asked the VO what the issue was, yeah I understand your situation, but we can do nothing now. all you can do now is wait for their response and make sure that your client manager and your employer are all in Sync with you and with all the documents you submitted them. also let them know that they should expect calls from USCIS. prepare them with the answers for what USCIS might ask. I guess you should wait for a week and enquire about your status and depending up on the update you can collect your passport and visit India.
  15. visa@Vancouver12

    Vancouver visa approved on 15th March, No information on waybill

    You can go to the loomis branch and show them the waybill number and they will give your passport.
  16. visa@Vancouver12

    Need help with DS-160

    Your current location in USA.
  17. visa@Vancouver12

    Got a 221g yellow slip at Torronto, CA on March 18th 2013

    what is your university?
  18. visa@Vancouver12

    Vancouver visa approved on 15th March, No information on waybill

    you should get an email mostly by today night . check after 12 am and 1 am. I got mine at 1am.
  19. visa@Vancouver12

    Don't see any recent posts about interviews in India

    These days rejectsions are very rare in Canada
  20. visa@Vancouver12

    Visa approved at Vancouver March 18 but....

    Don't worry, your status changes to Issued by EOD today or early tomorrow morning and you can pick your passport by thursday .
  21. visa@Vancouver12

    Visa approved @vancouver on 12

    Hi every one first of all I would like to thank murthy forums for all this help and this platform. My visa was on 12 th at 10 am we went there by 8 and after all security chek and pins verification we went to the 20 floor for the final interview I was called at the 6th counter. These are the questions he asked Is this your first h1? How long have you been with this company? Do you have an end client ? How long you have been with that client? Where is your liens location? Show me your client letter. Show me your pay stubs,w2,LCA,. Ow often do you get paid? Checked everything. Matched if I am getting paid regularly. Did you do our masters. Which field? What do you do for this compan? Then the olden words came Everyone around hat time got heir visas issued. If you carry every document you will get visa for sure No tensions and no worries. The interview is very very simple.
  22. visa@Vancouver12

    H1 B visa interview on 6th at vancouver, CA

    What did you mention for 2 w2 s?????
  23. visa@Vancouver12

    Visa Appointment @Vancouver March 12

    HI Guys, I have my interview on March 12...please let me know if any one is around the same time...I am willing to share accomidation. Thanks
  24. visa@Vancouver12

    Applying to Canada Visa from New York question.

    1)....both are not dependent on each other...you can get a visitor visa before booking the appointment date. 2) you can apply as tourist visa....and mention any tourist spot e.e niagara falls as the vissitor location 3)...probably 2 to 4 weeks.
  25. Hi , my interview is on March 12. Still waiting to book my flight and hotels. which hotel is near to the consulate? I did my masters in CS EVVC model, Have client letter, but don't have a vendor letter. will it be a problem?? same employer and same vendor for 2+ years. thanks.