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  1. I am working with company A and got an offer from company B.B is filing my visa transfer in regular process as USCIS temporarily suspended premium processing.I told company B that I'll only join once H1B transfer get approved. I'll still be an employee of company A till then.So, I have below questions:1) During the visa transfer process which may take 4-6 months, in case I need to travel international, can I still travel? Since, I'm still employee of company A (visa valid till 2021) and transfer application with B is still pending with USCIS?2) H4 application for spouse can only be filed after my H1B visa approval with company B processed? I have to take care of her H4 visa application on my own. Company B won't file H4 transfer.3) Spouse H4 EAD extension can still be filed with current H1B approval notice from company A and pending H1B transfer application with company B?Thanks,Aarav
  2. No update yet. Are you in the same situation?
  3. During the interview VO asked: VO (Lady): Are you renewing your visa? Me: Yes VO: Are you still with the same company? Me: Yes VO: What is your title? Me: Software Developer VO: Whats your salary? Me: xxxxxx VO: Whats your highest education? Me: MS in IT from xxxx university, USA. VO: Your visa is approved and you will get it within 3 to 5 business days. Me: Thanks and have a nice day. She was typing while asking questions, I guess that's regular. She kept our passport. No documents were asked and no questions asked to my wife. It was a similar experience I had two years ago with same visa interview location and working for same employer. Once we reached home, me and my wife got email with 221(g) and DS 5535 form attached to it. Well, I am in USA from long time. But, not sure why my wife got this email as she joined me couple years ago after marriage.
  4. Hello, my response are in italic. Thanks.
  5. Aarav27

    DS 5535 at hyderabad consulate

    I am in the same boat. Me and my wife filled DS 5535 form after visa approval at Mumbai consulate. No criminal history.
  6. Hello everyone, I appeared in H1B/H4 visa interview along with my wife in Mumbai on April 22, 2019. VO asked basic question and said my visa is approved. She kept passports and said I will get it within 3 to 5 business days. Once I reach home, I received email saying my application is refused under 221(g). Also, fill out attached DS 5535 form and send it back to us for further processing. That form requires to provide past 15 years employer, address, phone, email, and social media history. Moreover, I received my passport yesterday along with blue slip saying my application require additional processing and follow instructions as received in email. I replied to the email as needed. Does anyone of you know how long it will take to complete this processing? Any timeframe or next steps? Thanks.
  7. Aarav27

    Passport expiration and visa stamping

    We could not renew the passport since we dint have enough time to collect documents and submit renew application. However, we have atleast 6 months validity from the date of visa interview. Visa Interview date: April 11th, 2017 Passport expiration date: November 29th, 2017 I am hoping that things should be fine.
  8. Aarav27

    Passport expiration and visa stamping

    Thanks shekar11.
  9. Hello everyone, I just realized that my wife's passport is expiring on 11/29/2017. And, current H1B/H4 petition validity is until 01/30/2018. We have stamping scheduled in India in April next month and DS-160 form is based on current passport number (expiration date 11/29/2017). 1) Do we have to renew the passport and carry that in visa interview? 2) Since DS-160 form in based on current passport, the new passport will be stamped with visa? 3) If consulate don't accept the new passport, my wife will get visa stamp end date as the passport expiry date 11/29/2017 or same as H1B/H4 petition end date 01/30/2018? Please advice.
  10. Aarav27

    H1 Stamping Mumbai - Employer Change

    I have kind of similar situation. I have a travel plan to Mumbai in April. My wife had stamped previous H4 in Mumbai and I did in Canada. I recently changed employer and have I-140 approved with previous employer. Not sure whether my wife should come with me for interview or she is still eligible for dropbox even though my employer is changed recently.
  11. Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone is aware of PIMS database update timeline these days. I am planning to get my visa stamped in April 2017 and have recently got transferred my visa to a new employer in January 31st, 2017. Just curious to know if I can take some steps ahead of time to avoid delay during stamping process. Thanks in advance!
  12. Whenever applying for H1B extensions, I used to pay premium processing fee and employer used to pay rest of the fees. Just curious to know that if H1B extension gets denied and withdrawn, does USCIS return the money (H1B fees + Premium process fees) in one or the other case?
  13. I would suggest you to consult an immigration attorney ASAP.
  14. Aarav27

    H1B transfer

    I think you can work for company A for two weeks. I have seen people moving to company B only after visa transfer approval with B and then giving two weeks notice to company A. Again, I am not an expert, just sharing my experience.
  15. Hello, I recently switched to a new employer and got H1B visa approved and I-94 start date both as 1/31/2017. My previous H1B and I-94 end date was 9/30/2016. However, my previous employer filed visa extension before I-94 expiration (9/30/2016) and that was still pending. I got an offer and I transferred visa to new employer. So, there in a GAP of 4 months between old and new I-94s. Am I still eligible to stay in USA? I knew if my visa transfer get approved on pending extension (previous I-94 expired) I have to go thru consular processing (in case I don't get new I-94). But, I got new I-94. Am I on eligible status?Please suggest.