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  1. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Stamped H1B Old vs New Employer

    Hi, I have H1b stamped till Sept 2020. Due to family emergency I am travelling next week to India. But this week I got an offer from a new employer. Can we file H1B transfer with new employer and travel to India with stamped VISA(with old employer H1B)? I will be travelling to India without any H1B receipt and with my old employer stamped VISA. Will there be any issues or Should I go for Stamping interview (I don’t have H1B receipt for my new employer)? Please let me know
  2. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Administrative Processing even after VO said your visa is issued.

    Which consulate you went?
  3. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B stamping LCA question

    Hi. My wife is having stamping in 10 days in Chennai, India. Her LCA was filed in 2017 when she was with Client A and she is now with Client B but same Employer.her current work location is different but her employer mentioned that since it is in same MSA, no need to file LCA again and her employer is confident on this. Since there is only 10 days: 1. Will there be any issue in stamping bcoz of different address in current work location and the one in LCA? 2. If there is an issue, is there any resolution for this situation? Thanks in Advance!
  4. @SK0442 - Can you please update if you have done the stamping?
  5. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B denial bcuz of LCA n Amendment

    Hi. My wife will be going for stamping with LCA having old client info. New LCA was not done because new client is in same MSA. Hence h1b amendment is also not done. Please let me know if anyone who went for stamping with this scenario n got stamped or had issues or denied stamping? Even if u have heard of someone who faced same issue n got through, that info will surely help.
  6. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B stamping with Previous client with in the same MSA

    Hi TSK238, My wife is currently going for stamping in Chennai, India with previous client details on LCA and H1B. Please let me know if she can go to stamping with previous client details on LCA and the H1B without amendment done for the new client. She is well within the same MSA as her previous client - which is why new LCA or h1B amendment was not done.
  7. Hi TSK238,

    My wife is currently going for stamping with previous client details on LCA and H1B. Please let me know if she can go to stamping with previous client details on LCA and the H1B without amendment done for the new client. She is well within the same MSA as her previous client - which is why new LCA or h1B amendment was not done.

  8. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B stamping LCA question

    So... based on the responses, I have the below questions... 1. can I get my wife's employer to file new LCA and then file h1b amendment and go for stamping with receipt number for h1b amendment in 10 days? (I am stating 10 days to see if these can be done before we leave US - not sure if this is a possibility). 2. if h1b amendment is filed, but no receipt obtained - can she still go for stamping ?
  9. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Car accident history in DS160 form

    Hi, I am filling out DS160 for my wife to go for stamping in 2 months in India. My wife recently had a car accident (at fault). the accident was minor. The Police officer came and asked us to exchange details with the other person. The officer did not give any case sheet as he said he couldnt create a case sheet (had some issues with his system). So there is no case sheet/ID created, the officer did not say anything else except that he asked my wife to exchange insurance info with the other person. Question: 1. Does this have to be mentioned in the DS160 form. 2. Will it impact my wife's stamping process.
  10. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Successful Visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    Below is my H1B stamping experience in Matamoros, Mexico. My profile: EVVC Model Same employer since my last h1b stamping. This is my second h1b stamping. Have been with same employer and client for 6 years. Got my client letter and vendor letters. Matamoros: Dusty place. If you are allergic to dust come prepared. NOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH. if you come, have someone with you who can speak Spanish or come through an agent. there are agents for helping with stay and stamping in Mexico. Food is OK in Mexico. None of the americanized chipotle there. Authentic Mexican food is there which I liked - you need to find it online. Interview day: In Matamoros, even though if you have a fixed time slot on paper, it is going to be first in first out basis for both ASC n USC appointments. So you have to reach there early if you wanna be done first. When my turn came I went to the VO. VO- employer name? ME - answered VO- client name? ME - answered VO- How long you are working for employer ? ME - 6yrs VO- How long you are working for client ? ME - 6yrs VO - what is your salary? ME - told him the number as per my LCA. VO - what is your role? ME - Business Analyst. VO - What do you do as BA? ME - explained in two sentence. (Please keep it short... you don't have to explain in detail, unless asked specifically... there was another candidate who got drilled with lot of work questions since he explained too much giving tools/technical details...he got Visa though) VO - what is your work location? ME - Told him city and state. VO - your VISA is approved. Collect the passport at the same location in the afternoon. Collected my passport the same day at 3.30 and crossed border after verification by 7. Crossing the border is a pain because the immigration officials take their time to verify. It will be a loooong wait. PS - if you have proper W2s, tax returns and a legit employer - you will get approved for sure. I had other folks with me for the interview who changed employers and others who came with family. None of them suffered. So it's going to be an easy ride if you are prepared. ALSO, I went after the Thanksgiving holiday. So please don't think that after the holidays the VOs will be stressed abt the holidays being gone and ask to many questions. It will be just another day for them. Hope this helps! GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WHO ARE GOING FOR STAMPING !!!
  11. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Successful Visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    Yes. My appointment was in morning. Collected passport at 3 and crossed border in the eveng.
  12. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    DS160 modifications for H1B stamping in India

    Hi, I am scheduling H1B Stamping for my Wife in India (through the CGI website). I have not submitted DS160 yet, I am using the DS160 number to create profile in CGI website and pay fees and schedule appointment. My question is: 1. Can I submit DS160 after paying fees and scheduling appointment? 2. If I do find some modifications on DS160 after doing the step1, can I submit a new DS160 and update the DS160 number in CGI website - is it accepted? if not, what should I do ? Thanks in Advance.
  13. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Successful Visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    I made appointment 2 weeks in advance. But it depends which date you are booking. If you a date right before a long weekend, then you might to book early like 2 or 3 weeks in advance bcuz those dates will be booked first. I flew to brownsville, TX and agent took me to matamoros in car by getting 7 days temporary Visa at the crossing. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi, My H1B VISA Stamping has expired as of 2014 but I have a valid i797 till September 2020. I am planning to go to Mexico for stamping. Do I need to get Mexican visa for entering the country for getting visa stamped? if so, can you please send me links/steps to get Mexican visa in USA?
  15. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    DS160 - Travel Plan section

    Hi, I have submitted my ds160 with the following details in Travel section. Have you made specific travel plans? - Yes Date of arrival in US - Nov 22, 2018. But Now I have found the interview slots are not available in the week of Nov 20 and I have pushed my interview dates by a week. Now I will be actually arriving back in US after the interview on Nov 28, 2018. Since my arrival date is now different in my Completed DS160 form, will there be an issue ?
  16. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Do I need mexican visa for going to Mexico to get US visa stamping?

    Hi Ana2016 - I am planning for Nov 26.
  17. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B stamping in Mexico - Need Help

    Hi. Please help me with what documents and other procedures to follow to go to Mexico and get my H1B stamping in Mexico. Any links to old threads will also help. Thanks in Advance!
  18. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Visitor Visa short stay and come back in 1 month

    Hi. My mother will be visiting US soon. Below is the schedule 1. Mom comes to US and stays for 2 months and goes back to India. 2. After a month she is planning to come back to US again for 6 months. Please let me know if there would be issues for this trip plan. Is there any specific time gap that needs to be maintained for consecutive visits for visitor Visa holders?
  19. Hi, I am working in US on H1B VISA. My GC process is in Progress. Yesterday my sister went for B1/B2 VISA interview in Chennai and got rejected with Blue slip (Case-214). The VO gave back my sister's passport but he kept my H1B copy, the letter that I typed requesting the consulate to provide VISA for my sister and my passport copy. The VO said he needs to have those copies for documentation. My Question is - Since he kept my work authorization copies, does that mean anything? will there be any impact to my current status of work authorization? or Will it impact my H1B stamping in chennai (which I am going to do later this year). Please Advise!!! SN.
  20. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    B1/B2 Visa rejected for my sister. Any impact to my H1?

    A response for this post will be much appreciated. Please Admins!
  21. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    B2 Visa Rejected Twice for Single Parent

    Hi, I wish you luck for the next VISA interview. though I do not have any advice for you (as I am on the same situation), I would like to know, if the VO took back any of your Photocopies for documentation purpose (like ur work authorization, passport copy etc.). in my case my sister's VISA got rejected with 214 but the VO took my work related document copies.
  22. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Extension of stay for Visitor VISA for parents

    Hi, My Parents are here in US and I need them to stay for an extra 4 months and I am on H1B currently. 1. What is the procedure for extension of stay for Visitor VISA? (Any links or webpage??) 2. Can I file one application for both my mom and dad? 3. Do my parents need to attend any interview at consulate for extension or is it done through filling forms, mailing forms and getting response?? Thanks in Advance for your help!!
  23. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    i-140 EAD

    Hi, I have i140 approved with PD. Can I apply I140 EAD for my wife? Is there any specific conditions that I need to meet. I know there are lot many complicated terms that I read in internet for applying I140 EAD. Can anyone explain with simple terms, if it is not too much asking? Thanks in advance for your response
  24. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    EB2 PERM draft

    Hi, I am preparing to apply for my EB2 PERM through my employer. The following are my work position details on my PERM. SOC code - 15-1121 Title - Systems analyst I have an US-MBA degree and 3 yrs Indian work experience & 2.5 yrs US experience. I am currently on H1B My employer's attorney has told me to put my GC process on hold because the wage rate according to Labor dept. is around $125,000 per annum (according to the attorney) which is NOT my current H1B wage rate and my rate is well below this number. What I want to know from you guys is that, is the per year rate according labor dept. is $125,000? Also please let me know if the correct per year salary for my Title/role? I am trying to find out if my employer is deliberately hesitating to process my GC application. Please let me know if you need more info to provide a response on my request. Awaiting your response.
  25. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    EB2 process for my Wife

    My Wife has Indian IT work experience of 3 yrs. She came to US on H4 visa and converted to H1B on 2014 Oct (Started working during this time). When can she apply for EB2 VISA?