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  1. Hi, Myself and my friend are looking for accommodation near Toronto US Consulate on November 16th & 17th. Please email me (my mail ID is there in my profile) if you are willing to provide accommodation or willing to share accommodation with us.
  2. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B Approved, Need Urgent Help ?

    It just simply means that they are going to use the photo that you have used in your DS 160 form. Chill Dude. Have a beer and wait for your Passport !
  3. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    VISA Stamping - Toronto - November 18

    Hi, I have booked my Stamping appointment on Nov 18 at Toronto Consulate. Please let me know if anyone is travelling for stamping at the same week so that I could tag along or I could get some advice on the travel plan or where to stay there (with reasonable cost). Thanks Sree
  4. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Toronto Consulate - Non IT Background Problems

    Whats the case for M.B.A degree holders working as Business Analyst ? Di you happen to know any cases like this?
  5. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Accommodation avialable for sharing Toronto Oct 28 - 01 Nov

    Hi, Please mail me your ID. My email ID is there in my profile. I cant see yours. Sree
  6. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Accommodation @Toront on Nov, 16 2013 to Nov, 26 2013

    Hi Shruthi, I am also looking for accommodation during the same time. I am having my interview on Nov 18th @2PM. I am not looking to share accommodation with you but I could get some help if you get to know any place for accommodation. Also how are you travelling? you can find my email ID in my profile so that you can let me know. Sree
  7. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Flying to Canada with oneway ticket?

    Hi areddy1234*, Could you tell me how you are driving back from Canada? Are you planning to rent a car? If you are planning to rent a car, please email me (my email is there in my profile) I need to get some info from you on that if you dont mind. good luck on the VISA decision. Thanks in Advance Sree
  8. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Need Accommodation in Toronto in November

    Hi, I will be travelling to Toronto on November 17th and I have my VISA stamping appointment on November 18th. Is there anyone who can provide accommodation for me or provide contact details about shared accommodation, if any. Thanks in Advance ! Thnx Sree
  9. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Stamping on DEC 10th @ vancouver?

    And Ofcourse the dates are for 2013.
  10. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Stamping on DEC 10th @ vancouver?

    The dates for Vancouver are completely full at the moment for December, Jan & Feb. However there are slots open for Toronto Consulate on November 19th.
  11. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    VISA stamping @ Toronto Nov 18 - Nov 22

    Hi There, Is there anyone who has scheduled appointment at the Toronto Consulate for the Visa stamping interview during the week between November 18 and November 22 and Want to share accommodation. Please post your replies here. Thx Sree
  12. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Toronto Travel plans

    Hi, I am going to Toronto for VISA Stamping. If I fly there, what is the airport that I need to book as the arrival destination?
  13. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Regarding Client & Vendor letters

    Hi, I am in EVVC model. In my Client and Vendor letters for VISA stamping, if my employer's name and the two vendors names are mentioned in all the letters - Will it create problems? If so, how to avoid this problem (is ther ea format for Vendor/client letter that you can suggest me to follow?) Regards Sree
  14. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Visa Stamping for Canada with only one year H1B

    Hi, I have scheduled my VISA stamping appointment at Toronto on November 18th, 2013. I also have the same one year H1 approval. I am in EVVC model. let me know if you want to talk offline to discuss more in detail. Regards Sree
  15. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Accommodation Sharing in Toronto oct 3 - Oct 11

    Hi, Even I am trying to find someone to share ride and accommodation at Toronto, but on Nov 18th. I guess if you can reschedule your appointment we can try to work out on sharing accommodation. I apologize if I sound a little bit demanding :) I couldnt get my papers ready by your timeline otherwise I would reached out to you :) Regards sree
  16. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1B approved @ Toronto - 09 sep 2013

    Hi, Please send the details of the accommodation at Toronto, to my email ID as well. Thanks a ton in advance and Congrats for cracking the interview. I also have a few questions for you that I would like to talk with you or email you to know. Your help in this matter would be much appreciated! Thanks again Sree
  17. Hi, I have scheduled my VISA interview at TORONTO US-consulate on Nov 18th. Please let me know if you or any of your friends have taken appointment on Nov 18th and would like to share the accomodation or If anyone could help me out with accomodation on that week at TORONTO. If interested please email me (email - ***************@gmail.com) to discuss further. Regards Sree
  18. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    VISA interview @TORONTO on November 18th - Need Someone to share accomodation

    Please reply to this thread if anyone is interested to share accommodation and ride to Toronto on nov18th.
  19. Can anyone please let me know how to check the status of TRV application if applied through USPS postal service? Is there another way apart from the tracking number like contact numbers etc.?
  20. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Work for my wife in US (H4 to H1 Issues)!!

    Hi, I am planning to get married next year and bring my wife to US on H4 who wants to work in US (She has work experience back in India). Please let me know the following: 1. what is the chance that she will find a job in US? 2. If she has chance, is there a time like say she needs to get into project only from October or November or April? 3. Can she find a job on her own? 4. If she has a chance, does she have to go thru Consultancy? any consultancy you can recommend? Please let me know if any of you had the same experience with the Spouse who wants to work in US n who came in H4 and found a job !!!
  21. Hi, I have the H1B validity till Oct 2014. Could you please let me know how long will be my TRV dates valid (I am applying for a multiple entry next week) If I am getting my TRV Canada. Regards Sree
  22. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Regarding TRV for Canada

    Hi, I am a Contractor. Do I need to provide the Offer letter from my consultancy as one of the documents for the Temp resident Visa for Canada? Is it mandatory? bcoz I already have the approved H1B letter in which it states that my consultancy is the petitioner ! Regards Sree
  23. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    TRV for Canada

    Hi, Without scheduling the VISA interview in Canada, Can I get the the TRV to travel to Canada by just putting an estimated date for my travel and also providing the reason as "for VISA interview" in the application ? Regards Sree
  24. Hi, I am applying for Multiple entry TRV for canada and in the application, I am putting this coming October first week as my visit date to Canada. If my plan changes after I get the TRV for Canada, Can I plan to go to Canadaon Feb or March 2014 ?? P.S. I have not scheduled an appointment for my VISA interview in Canda. Regards Sree
  25. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Questions regarding TRV Application

    Hi, I am applying for the temporary Visa Appln. to travel to Canada this Oct 2013 and I have the following questions: 1. In what kind of envelope should I have to send the forms to the Canada embassy? 2. The return pre-paid envelope that needs to go inside the package, should it be the express envelope that USPS provides? 3. In THe TRV appln. Question no.(7) - Current country of residence - I have provided "USA" and the status as "worker" and the dates "from" as "the start date of my work" and "to" date as the end of my H1B date. Please let me know if this info is correct? (I was actually on OPT, but I cannot use the OPT date as the date is expired and I am in the CAP Gap OPT which expires on Oct 1st) 4. In "Details of visit to Canada" section Should I have to mention the US Embassyaddress (where I will be taking the VISA interview) in the "places to visit" block ? Thanks in Advance