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  1. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    PERM job title mismatch

    Hi. Even I am in somewhat a similar situation like how you are but there are more complications in my case. I would like to discuss with you. Can we talk privately? My id- sreevats(dot)ns(at the rate)gmail(dot)com
  2. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    EB2 PERM draft

    Is there any list of labor dept approved wage rates fr GC candidates categorized according to SOC codes for various roles (like BA)?
  3. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    EB2 vs EB3 application

    Hi, The EB3 takes longer than EB2 to process and get Green Card (EAD). Please let me know for the following scenario. I got EB3 approved. I am finding another project with different employer.Can I be able to convert to EB2 process with the new employer? Will there be any restrictions from the new employer that He cannot do the conversion?? Awaiting your response.
  4. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H1 expirydate and PED date on the VISA

    Hi, I got my H1 Valid till Sep 2014(on the H1 Approval notice). I got my H1 VISA stamped which has Expiry date as the same date but there is a PED date in the same VISA page of the PP which has Sep 2016. Will I have trouble because of this?? What is exactly the PED date signify??
  5. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    DS160 - Security Question

    Hi, I am trying to help my brother fill in the DS 160 form for his H1B renewal Stamping @ Chennai(US) Consulate. He is having experience (Research analyst) in Pharmaceuticals industry i.e. he worked with chemicals in his company. So please let me know if he has to put Yes or No for the below mentioned question in the Security & Background section. "Do you have any specialized skills or training, including firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological, or chemical experience?"
  6. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    When to submit DS 160 formfor H4 type VISA

    Hi I am creating the DS 160 form for my wife for H4 VISA stamping in Chennai. Can I schedule the appointment in chennai-US Consulate and then submit the DS160 form or it should be the other way around?? Thnx
  7. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Biometrics Questions

    Hi, Is there a problem if my wife goes to Chennai US consulate for Biometrics (fingerprint) appointment with the Mehendi (kind of tattoo which girls use for the wedding) in her hand ?
  8. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Biometrics Appointment

    But while booking the appointment, the dates were open on Sunday for the Biometrics appointment. Ofcourse there are no dates for the main VISA interview on Sundays.
  9. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Biometrics Appointment

    Hi, Can I book the Biometrics appointment on a Sunday, if availabale. will there be any issues for booking on a weekend?
  10. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H4 supporting documents

    Hi, Please let me know if my wife has to carry my Original H1 approval or a copy of my H1 approval is enough? I wont be going along with her as my H1 stamping is already done..
  11. Hi, I am booking VISA interview dates for my wife's H4 Visa. Please let me know if I have the option of rescheduling the VISA interview & Biometrics dates and if I can, are there any additional fees to be paid? Thnx
  12. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H4 VISA Scheduling Questions

    Hi, I have my VISA stamped for my H1 already in Canada couple months back and I am trying to book H4 VISA interview in Chennai for my wife in February. please respond for the following questions. 1. I am using the following link to book the interview dates (Please confirm!) https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ 2. In the petitioner information section, What should I fill in the "petitioner's name" field? (My name or my employer's name??) 3. In the petitioner information section, what should I fill in for "Start date" ?? 4. In the petitioner information section, what should I fill in for "receipt number" field?? 5. In the petitioner information section, what should I fill in for "expiration date"?? Thanks in Advance
  13. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H4 VISA Scheduling Questions

    Even the petitioner's name should be my employer's name or My name?
  14. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H4-H1 VISA issue

    Hi, my wife will be H4 VISA and will be valid till end of September2014 (even my H1B). I will be applying her H1 on Apr 2014. I will also applying the H4 extension for her if she hasnt got any decision for her H1. My Questionis is : If I apply her H4 extension on Sep and she gets her H1 approved on OCt and then if her H4 extension got approved on Novemebr or sometime after her H1B is approved will her H1 VISA be void or H4 VISA be void? What do we need to do inorder for her to stay on her H1 and not H4? Thnx in advance.
  15. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H4-H1 VISA issue

    @Jairichi - Thanks for your response. In this situation My wife's H4 extension and H1 will be processed simultaneously. So I actually wanted to know what my wife's VISA status will be if the H1 gets approved first and then the H4 extension gets approved after that. Will her H1 VISA be void??
  16. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    H4 Validity period

    Hi, I have my H1B VISA stamped and is valid till Sep 2014. If my spouse's H4 gets approved, will she get her H4 VISA till Sep 2014 or she will get some future dates as H4 Validity ?
  17. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    On H4 Visa-Planning to go for H1B

    Hi Rakhi22, I am planning to file H4 for my wife and then Change her status to H1 (once she is here) like how you have planned. Please email me your details (my email ID is in my profile) so that we can exchange some information that are useful to both you and my wife. Thanks in advance
  18. Hi, I have got my H1B VISA stamping done in Canada and now I will be going to India in couple of months. I am trying to fill the DS160 form to apply H4 VISA for my spouse (I am setting up Interview at Chennai consulate)Please let me know the details of the information requested below for my Spouse. 1. Do I need to go with her for her VISA interview as my Stamping is already done? 2. I am using the same DS-160 form link to fill in for my Spouse's VISA stamping. Is this correct? 3. In DS 160 form - The travel section asks for Principal applcant information - What do I need to fill in the Petition number section?? as my spouse doesnt hold any petition (its just her H4 application). Thnx in Advance
  19. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Filing H4 for My wife

    Hi, I recently got my H1B Stamped and will be getting married soon. I am planning to apply H4 visa for my wife in Chennai. Please let me know as to what are the documents required to file H4 for my wife (what documents she needs from me and also what documents she needs to carry apart from my package). If the same topic is discussed earlier please direct me to the link. Do I need to file DS160 for my Wife? (if so please provide me the link for the application). Thnx
  20. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    VISA almost Approved (VO's words!!)

    I had my VISA stamping interview today @ toronto. As there were some revokes at Toronto consulate for people who have gone through my Employer, the VO said that she needs to verify some information. when I asked her if my VISA is approved or not, she told me that its ALMOST approved and you will receive email within 3 - 5 business days. She also told me that my paystubs looks good so it wont take more time to verify. She DID NOT give me a 221-g slip. Also she did not give me the white slip which has the link to check the VISA status. She kept the passport with her. Please let me know if anyone has been through this situation and IS it really going to take 3-5 business days? Thnx
  21. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    VISA almost Approved (VO's words!!)

    Hi, I didnt get any email to submit extra. documents. I attended interview on Nov 18th (Monday). The next day (Tuesday) my Visa Status changed to ISSUED. I got my passport in hand on Thursday. Now I am back home. Apologize for the late update. Let me know if any questions.
  22. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    When is the last date to submit my DS-160 form

    Hi, I am having my VISA Stamping interview on Nov 18th(Monday) @ Toronto. Please let me know when is the last date for me to submit the DS-160 form online. Thanks
  23. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    When is the last date to submit my DS-160 form

    I booked the appointment with the DS 160 application number. After that I made changes to the DS 160. It is not necessary that I submit the DS160 for booking the appointment.
  24. sreevats.ns@gmail.com

    Visa Stamping for Canada with only one year H1B

    You can find my email ID in my profile.
  25. Hi, I am trying to get all my paystubs from my university (I worked as a Grad. Assisntant) to include those as a part of my documentation for my VISA stamping. Is it necessary to have that as a part of my documentation? Is there any other document that I can provide instead of my paystubs? Please Advise!