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  1. Can someone help me understand the possibility of getting a visitor visa? My Scenario: I have my i140 approved and currently out of the country(priority date 2014). My H1 recently expired and I have no plans to come back to US for work for next 2 years. I am thinking of applying for a visitor visa so that I can visit my family and friends next year. Also If I apply for a visitor visa will it in anyway impact my GC process? Like when I apply for 485 will it create any problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. justdoitdude

    Visa Stamping after legal case being filed

    Its good to consult an immigration lawyer. This looks like a critical case. I know you may be ignorant in the above matter, but go with proper documentation and have a good answer for the Visa officer before you go for stamping.
  3. justdoitdude

    Hotel near consulate @Vancouver

    I had visa appointment on July 11th, I stayed at Mai lodging. you can get a queen size room for $60. 2 people can stay. Also, you have a direct bus from here to the consulate. $2.75 fare. Here the internet speed is pretty good and close by(walkable distance) McD, Subway, India house restaurant. One of my frnd stayed in Patricia, its small and internet is not good. you have to come to lobby for internet, thats sad. you really dont need to stay close to the consulate, its one day thing :) Let me know if you need any other details.
  4. Status in CEAC website changed to "Issued" this morning
  5. justdoitdude

    Confused on Visa stamping.

    I had my visa interview at Vancouver July 11th. 10 AM. White male VO Me: Good morning sir. How are you doing? VO: I am doing good. How are you this morning. Me: Doing good. Thanks. Been a busy day? VO: Not really. Its always like this. VO: Is this your first H1B Me: Yes VO: How long are you with this company? Me: XXyears XX Months VO: Do you work for a Client? Me: Yes. XXX client VO: whats your job title? Me: XX Analyst(role defined in LCA VO: Where do you work? Me: I work at XX client location. VO: what is the nearest big city Me: S*** VO: Do you have client letter? Me: Yes sir.I do. Here you go..Checked it, very quick glance at it and asked? VO: who is this XXX company? Me: Prime vendor, usually clients will take candidates from outside only through the preferred vendors VO: Can I get your LCA? Me: Gave. Looked at it, after few secs VO: Can I get your W2 Me: Gave. Looked at it, typed something in the system, my LCA and w2 are good. VO: Can I get your paychecks? Me: Gave last 6months paychecks. He saw first 3 paychecks. VO: You did masters in US? Me: Yes, masters in science from XX Univ XX city, XXstate, major in xx engineering VO: Have you ever been arrested? Me: No VO: Are you sure about it? Back in 2008? Me: Yes sir.I accepted the truth. It was cleared and closed in 2008. VO: You should mention that in DS160. From the next time you should mention in DS160 and specify details Me: Sure sir. Actually, the case was cleared, so I didnt mention it. Explained what happened and details what I have told to judge I also told that Judge asked me to attend a class, I went to the class and it was closed. VO: So you attended the class? which class? Me: XXX class VO: okay and gave all my documents back VO: Your petition was not updated in PIMS.. typed something for a minute and a long pause Me: Is my Visa approved? VO: We need to verify couple of things, we will reach out to you either by phone or email if we need any information from you and gave a paper on how to track my passport Me: Thank you sir. Have a good day. What I observed was when visa officer taking my documents, he wrote 221g PIMs on the DS160 confirmation page printout and placed passport, i797, DS160 confirmation page together to a rubber band I am confused now, whether my visa is approved or not. I dont know. Till today (July13th)its showing "administrative processing" in ceac website Thanks to murthy forum.
  6. justdoitdude

    Urgent Help Needed !!!!!!!

    Hey Shamanth Reddy, when is ur interview?
  7. justdoitdude

    Vancouver Stamping - Hotels

    Try Mai lodging. Internet is too good. Very reasonable rates.
  8. Thank you all for the replies..!!
  9. I had Visa interview at vancouver July 11th, Interview went fine. but PIMS not updated. VO said "if we need any further details we will either call you or email you". Checking status in https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA== It shows Administrative processing. How long will it show like this any idea?
  10. I am on the same boat PIMS not updated it says "Administrative processing" in the website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA== my appointment July11th Vancouver. When will it say "Issued" ? :( Thanks
  11. justdoitdude

    Canada visa processing time....PAFSO strike delay?

    I applied for Canada Visa online on May 15th LA office. I got request to send passport on June 11th. I got my passport back by Jun21st. Hope this helps.. Dont worry you have lot of time before your visa stamping date..!!
  12. justdoitdude

    H1B stamping Vancouver April 24 No Original Documents.

    What a narration... I guess you see many movies :P Sorry..it might be a very late comment.. I was laughing all the time I am reading through your post.. :) Little relaxed after going through others interview experinces.. Happy for you..!! you did it. Thanks for the post
  13. Anyone willing to share accomodation @Vancouver from 10th July. My Visa stamping date on July 11th. I am planning to take a rental car too. Please let me know...