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  1. Hello, my H1B petition was approved in 2020 and the case status on USCIS website says "approved". But my lawyer/company did not receive the I-797B approval notice. It's been 9+ months now. We have filed I-824 for a duplicate approval notice and the current processing time is showing as 6 months to 89 months. Since it may take such a long time to get the duplicate approval, can I go for visa stamping with Receipt number notice (I-797C) and I-129 & I-824 receipt notice? Please advise.
  2. Hi, I am currently working in US on L1 for Company A (L1 valid till 2018). My H1B is currently being processed by Company B under 'consular processing' category (and not under COS). If my H1B processing is successful, can I get this H1B transferred from company B to another company C after October 1, 2017 and join Company C? In other words, without joining company B at all, can I get my H1B transferred to company C and then apply for COS (change of status) so that I can join company C? Request your urgent help. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Just curious to know ... has anyone ever got an US visa stamped again after going out of status / illegally present on earlier US visits? In my case (illustrated above), my wife has apparently gone out of status during Jan 2009 and she is going to apply for L2 visa now (i.e. after more than 4 years).
  4. Friends, any advice please?
  5. Hi, I am scheduled to travel in L1A visa and my wife would be going to the local US Consulate to get L2 visa stamped soon. She earlier (before marriage) worked in US on H1B which was valid till 09-Jan-2009. While entering US (at that time), her I-94 end date was also given as 09-Jan-2009. She was getting regular salary from her company till June-2008, after which, her company, stopped salary (contract ended). From July-2008 onwards, she started to look for another job. A couple of companies initiated the process to take her, but nothing materialised. Ultimately, on 08-Jan-2009, she got the final intimation from one organization (who initiated the process to take her) that they would not like to pursue further in this context. Immediately, she started to close all her things (house, car, bank and other logistics) and ultimately left USA on 20-Jan-2009 (i.e. 10 days after both I-94 & H1B visa expired on 09-Jan-2009). Since then, she did not travel to US again. Given the above background, what are her chances to get L2 visa this time? Thanks in advance.