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  1. Hi, I plead guilty to traffic infraction at the court. Do I need to mention this in my DS0160 form?
  2. kakajunior

    Stamping at Chennai

    Hi, I've had my previous stamping at Chennai in Jun'11. I'm with the same employer and client(EVC model). I'm planning to attend my renewal at Chennai again in Oct '13. I will get my client letter and vendor letters. I will have my LCA(including client address),I-129 forms in order. I'm promptly paid by my employer. No issues,violations form employer side. Is chennai somewhat okay to attend visa interview? Thanks.
  3. kakajunior

    State Property Tax and Immigration

    Other than penalties and interest on the tax, there's nothing to worry about it.
  4. kakajunior

    accommodation available on July 22-25

    Sorry for my ignorance. I have never been to Canada. Are the hotel rooms super costly in Canada that one has to share the hotel room with someone for a stay of as low as 3 days? Please enlighten me. Thanks,
  5. kakajunior

    How Recent Client Letter needed for Visa Stamping?

    No need to get another one. I got one in February when I applied for extension and I used the same when I went for stamping in June. Important thing is, the duration of your project. If you go for stamping within the project duration, you should be fine. Chill out. Most of the times, the VO don't even ask for one.
  6. kakajunior

    Visa extension for my mom

    Based on what? How do you know their extension will get a denial?
  7. Check the application(s) if it's asked. If asked provide the details.
  8. I did it for my mom and it took exactly 9 weeks(Applied in Feb and got it in April). By the time we got our approval, she has passed her original I-94 date. It shouldn't be a problem if you get it approved.
  9. kakajunior

    Visitor Visa for parents

    1. Regional language should be fine. 2. For my parents, I put my name under the sponsor's name. I have no experience with self sponsoring tourist visa. 3. Since I put my name as sponsor I sent 134. I sent one for both my parents. You can list 2 members on it. 4. Bank statements, FD certificates and legal documents (if any assets on their name). 5. I sent only scanned copies. Good luck to your parents!!
  10. kakajunior

    Visitor Visa for my mother

    Either of you can provide I-134, bank balance, paystubs,etc. if feel you mother's savings/deposits and assets are not enough to convince VO.
  11. kakajunior

    B2 Stay extended once, can we do it again?

    Is it so? I have personally known a few people who got their B-2 extension denied after their I-94 expiry and they were allowed to re-enter again without any problems.
  12. kakajunior

    Can parents get VISA now and travel at later stage?

    NOC should suffice if requested. When my dad attended interview, he carried business partnership letter,etc but he wasn't asked for one. If anything your dad being a govt employee will only workout his favor i.e. getting a visa as he has more connection to India. Good luck!!!
  13. kakajunior

    choosing consulate for Visa interview for visitor visa

    Check for Hyd consulate area of service. If AP falls under Hyd send them to Hyd than Madras.
  14. kakajunior

    Visitor Visa online approval Status for february month - Highly Appreciated

    The visotr visa is for Canada, right?
  15. kakajunior

    Can parents get VISA now and travel at later stage?

    They normally don't ask. Even if they do, you can tell them you have plans to travel in the next few weeks at your convenience. They don't ask for any proof of travel.