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  1. Thank you all for your time! But, this is my situation and I cant change my past (I cant go back and get an IT degree now). And I am sure even you understand that I am tensed because of which I have posted my situation here. I dont want to be rude, I just wanted a possible answer for my case. Seeing all the posts in this forum, I expected to get some guidance, not to realise that I have committed an awful gaffe by not working in the field I have studied! I have an answer, but I wanted to confirm if it makes sense or not, from experienced people and the attorney here! And am sure this is not the end, I just wanted to try! Thanks
  2. Hello, I have done my Engg in Mechanical and Masters in Aviation (As I was interested then)! However, I started working in IT from my OPT period i.e. Aug 2011 and continued on H1 since Oct 2012. (My employer had to file twice as it was rejected the first time with "No connection to my background"! The second time he made it) I plan to go for a visa stamping very soon and I have no certifications in the field I work, except for a 3 months experience certificate which I had since India (I worked for a reputed IT firm just after my Engg). Will this be sufficient to prove that I am eligible to work in this field? I had not a bit of 'Computers' in my masters! I am confused on how to justify myself as I have very different background! And,I would like to answer the fact in my case which is : "The only field I could get a job is IT for which I choose"! But, I do not know if this is a sensible answer. (Btw when I had applied for Masters in Aviation, I was given a 221g case before issuing my visa. Does it mean I would be getting it again?) Thanks!!!
  3. Hello, I will be going to Vancouver from Boston on the 1st of April, as I have scheduled for an interview on the second. Please let me know if any of you'll have booked during the same time, (Females) so that we can share our accommodation. Thanks!