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  1. rahoolinatlanta2013

    Retail Theft Case for dependent - URGENT HELP PLEASE

    Hello, My wife had gotten H4 extension without any issues in 2013. We went back to India in 2014 and stayed there for 3+ years. Now back to USA on L1 visa. Wife got L2A without any issues. No issues at POE too. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  2. rahoolinatlanta2013

    Retail Theft Case for dependent - URGENT HELP PLEASE

    Thanks everyone for your comments. The only intention for an Indian Criminal Lawyer because my wife doesn't understand English very well and can't speak so fluently and I do understand that it's very necessary to answer correctly and should not get into more troubles. So being an Indian lawyer, can understand Indian language and my wife can explained much more into details on what really had happened which would help lawyer to defend her case. Sorry if anyone got affended by misunderstanding by term an Indian lawyer. I am not too sure if I would be allowed to be inside court and would be allowed to interfere. As there is no option but to appoint FL lawyer, any idea if such cases gets closed in one trial or do we need to appear in court several time in FL from GA. Also, are there any issues for such cases getting H4 visa extensions. Thanks!
  3. Hello Experts, My wife unfortunately caught into retail theft case (items worth $15) in Orlando, FL (Orange County). She have had no ID proof to show because she doesn't have US driving license and we were not carrying our Indian passports. So she got arrested. I took her bail from jail and she is with me now. However, she has to attend court in month of March-2013 to defend her case. I am looking for an Indian Criminal Lawyer who can help us in this case. We are staying in Atlanta, GA so wanted to understand if Atlanta, GA Criminal Lawyer can defend this case in Orlando, FL. Also, does anybody know how much it would cost for Lawyer's fee? Also, please suggest if such Second Degree Misdemeanor cases having no previous criminal records can be closed in the first trial by paying fine? What is the diversion program and if she is eligible for this program, then can she do community service from Atlanta, GA instead of Orlando, FL? Usually how much time it takes to close such cases? I am on a primary H1B visa, which is getting expired by Jul-2013 and so my dependent wife's visa H4B is also getting expired by Jul-2013. I am in a confused mind if I should file my visa extension or not because not sure if my wife will get an extension due to his bad incident. Your expert urgent guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!