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  1. Hello, My sister, brother-in-law and their 2 years kid is planning to visit me from the UK for a month or so. They both are working in the UK and are funding their own travel to the US. I meant to say I'm not funding their travel in any shape or form (this info may not be required but just thought I'll mention). Now they have their in-person B2 visa appointment booked for 19th this month. My question is: Do I need to send them any documents from my side required for their visa interview? Like proof of address (where I stay in the US), employment letter (company I work for) or any kind of invitation letter (inviting them to visit us)? Please let me know.
  2. @02112018: Yeah right usually such amendment situations did not seem to much of a trouble 1-2yrs back because they were approved in 3mos. max and it was no problem to travel outside country as long as we have a valid visa but now a days everything seems to be risky. So, I thought I'd better check here once and take others advise/suggestions before my travel but as @xTDx mentioned each case is different. You never know why they've stopped you until you're stopped. :)) Thanks everyone!
  3. @Vihaan17: Oh is it. That's awesome!! TY for your response.
  4. TY 02112018 for your reply. Have you travelled in such situation before? Or do you know anyone that travelled in such situation? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm on a H1B visa having a valid visa stamping/I-94 on my passport till Mar 2020. Recently I changed from client A to client B and my employer applied for a client amendment petition which is "under processing". Now, I am planning to visit India this Dec'18 but I've a question as to whether I can travel outside of the country (with my existing valid visa stamp) while the client amendment petition is still "under processing"? I have no hope that the client amendment petition will be approved by Dec. Did anyone travel outside the country being in the same situation as above? Please advise. Thanks.
  6. kamesh467

    F1 visa stamping issues

    Hi, All, I'm a PhD in Pharmacy who graduated in Jan'14 and currently working in a Pharma company in Chicago. My OPT started in Feb'14 but my F1 visa expired as I could not renew it when I was doing my PhD. I have applied for H1B visa last April but my application was not picked and so I've to wait till next April for applying H1B visa. I'm planning to goto India for my marriage this December or January next year. I understand that I need to get a F1B visa stamping while coming back. So, my big question is what are the risks involved if I goto India and get the F1 visa stamping on OPT (in Pharmacy field)? What are the possibilities of a 221G being issued? Can anyone please suggest any other alternative for going to India on OPT but F1 visa expired? Note: I already got a 221G the first time I came to USA to do PhD in Pharmacy field.
  7. Sorry never mind. I was so over excited and I did not notice that he took my current I-797 and the I-797 I have is my previous H1B's :D Please ignore my question below in the post.
  8. Hi Guys, My Visa for H1B has been approved this morning. Below were the questions asked. Have you been to the US before? Which University? Which company you work for and what is your role in the company? Is your employer good? Is he paying you well? Apart from the above he dint even ask one document from me not even my I-797. So, I have the following question to all who received their passports through loomis. Is there anyone whom I-797 was not taken by the VO but just passport an DS-160 confirmation was taken and was said that your "Visa has been approved"???
  9. Hi, I have my Visa appointment at Calgary on Feb11th 8:00am. I was looking to see if anybody UP for sharing accommodation or provide accommodation from Feb9th-14th. If yes, please reply to my email available in my profile.
  10. Hi there, I have a H1B visa which is valid till November 13th, 2013. I'm thinking to visit India in August and come back in September 1st week or so. But I have a couple of questions regarding this. 1. How safe it is to visit India and come back with just 2months left for my H1B visa extension? 2. Is it OK if I come back in Sept 1st week or 2nd and apply the H1B visa under PP?