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  1. accord

    H1B - Problems with employer

    What about the pending bills from the insurance? Will I be responsible or my employer?
  2. I'm on H1b status, I have been facing several problems with my current employer. I listed out the major issues I faced so far: 1. Never got paid on time. I'm yet to be paid from April 2014. 2. Previous 2 pay checks that he gave got returned back because of NSF (got a letter from bank). My account was in negative for more than a week before it was taken care after many follow ups. 3. I am on bench from May and in stead of paying me on bench they emailed me asking for immigration expenses (taxes for the month of May and June) 4. Didn't give me my pay stubs from March. (Not sure if he processed my payroll from April) 5. Cancelled my insurance without giving me notice, I am getting calls from my medical institution asking me to pay the bills 6. Emailed them so many times but never got a reply for the above issues. Can I sue my employer for the above reasons? Please provide your suggestions what should be my next steps.
  3. Hello All, I recently got my H1-B extension stamped in Jamaica and came back to US through Miami. Now I am planning to travel to India and come back in July. My port of entry while returning is EWR(Newark, NJ). Are there any issues if I come through EWR? Few friends of mine told me that there have been plenty of cases where people have been sent back from the POE. Please suggest if it is safe to come back to US through EWR. If not please suggest the safer option. Thanks
  4. Hi Friends, I started my GC filing process with my employer. I have done my under-graduation from INDIA in ELECTRICAL Engineering and my Graduation here in USA in ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS. Currently I am working in IT as JAVA developer. I want to know how I can justify the question "How your degree is related and essential for you to perform the job duties for a Java Developer/Programmer position" Can some one Please help me with this question. Thanks in advance
  5. accord

    Urgent DS-160 query

    Yes you can use the old application ID. The expiration date does not matter. All that matters is the content in the DS-160 form you are filling.
  6. accord

    Schedule an Appointment for Jamica

    Fill the DS form here https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ Create an account on the below link https://usvisa-info.com/en-JM/selfservice/ss_country_welcome You can pay the fees here and also schedule the interview date after paying the fees. Just follow the instructions on these websites
  7. accord

    Share Accomodation for the week of May 19th 2014

    I am looking for accommodation from 17. Please let me know if you still have it. My contact address is under my profile
  8. Hi Friends, Since the day I started planning for my visa stamping I was following this forum and got answers to so many questions I had and got to know things which I dint know. Thanks to all the members who respond to the queries by people like me. Now its my time to contribute by sharing my experience at the Jamaican consulate. My interview was @8:30 AM on 15th May and I think I came out by 9:00. The interview did not last even 2 minutes. Below are the questions asked Can I see your most recent W-2? Since when are you with your employer? What do you do for your employer? Do you work for a client? I never heard of that client? What do they do? So you are a contractor? And your employer has a contract with the client? Did you do your masters? Which college? Which department? Is it computers? (Mine was Electronics. Was expecting the question why career in IT. But I guess he already knew the answer for it) Type for few seconds. Come and collect your passport on Monday. Your VISA is approved. I was interrupted most of the times when I was answering. From my experience and based on what I read in the forum I can say is "If you have always maintained a legal status and if your employer is good nothing else matters." Hope this helps.
  9. accord

    Urgent DS-160 query

    No issues
  10. Hi All, I have question regarding filling the education section in the DS-160 form. I have attended two universities in USA for my masters. The second university I attended was Trivalley University and before I could complete my course work there the university got shut down and I got my H1 approved. My question is should I or Should I NOT mention the Trivalley university details in the DS Form? Will I be considered out of status during the time I attended Tri valley? If anyone who has attended this university and have been to the visa interview please provide your inputs and suggestions on this matter.
  11. If any one is still looking for current available dates in Jamaica, it is 5th June. Till yesterday earliest was 17th June.
  12. accord

    visa interview on may-15 -jamaica kingston

    Hi, I have updated my profile with my contact id. Thanks
  13. Hi, I have my stamping in Jamaica on May 15th. I am looking to share accommodation from May 14 - May 21st. Please let me know if anyone is willing to share accommodation with me. I have not made any reservations yet. Thanks Vishal
  14. accord

    visa interview on may-15 -jamaica kingston

    I have my interview same day and I am interested in sharing accommodation. How can I contact you?