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  1. Hank_82


    Hi Kishore, Can you please let me know, what happened to your 221g? After your manager responded with on-site supervision, did they send it to USCIS for reconsideration, or you got approved? Can you please update here? I am in same situation. Thanks,
  2. do you have common muslim name? .. If so, the background verification takes time. It's not consulate, it is other agencies, who might reply late, causing the delay.
  3. Brutz has common muslim name, as I looked on other forum, so the long wait.
  4. Hank_82

    VISA approved - Mar 26th in Vancouver

    Congrats! What was the issue with the one who got rejection? .
  5. Hank_82

    221g Vancouver Tracker (4 & counting)

    Vancouver or any consulate. You are not immune to inquiries or scrutiny. If your case is fine (no past out-of-status, pay less than LCA, no criminal records etc), it should be good in 2-3 weeks.
  6. Hank_82

    Vancouver Stamping - Dress code, bag/folder etc.

    There are no dress code for this.. you have to follow what is comfortable to you and to your surrounding.
  7. Hank_82

    Successful stamping in Vancouver - Mar-25

    Congrats, and just curious to know, how VO knew that you were on bench for 3 weeks on so-n-so year? Was your W2 salary less than your LCA in that year? It is interesting, that, you could change your answer from "no" to "3 weeks" and got approved. I would say, it was real risk (changing answer) and you came out good, and it was good luck. I mean, sure, you did good thing to say truth, but wondering, how VO could figure out your bench period? Congrats, again !
  8. Hank_82

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    I see. Did you know or feel, what triggered 221g for you, if it was so clean case? Was it just the VO, giving consistently 221g to everyone? I know, people have been posting about this counter 4 lady but I see, there are many who got approved even from counter 4. What was your experience. Could you please share?
  9. Hank_82

    Successful Visa Stamping in Vancouver

    are you full time or consulting?
  10. Hank_82

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Can u please let us know, when did you submit your DS-160 online? I mean, how long ago, before the interview?
  11. Hank_82

    221G White Slip in Vancoover

    Ok I see. You surely should have asked to VO about the issue, but it's understandable the state of mind at that time. My guess is you should be fine. It's just a wait you have to be concerned of -- i.e. Is your client ok if you rejoin after 5 weeks etc. Couple of things could have triggered the time, they need -- (1) Your project is with Federal Govt. (2) You submitted the DS-160 online, at the time of Interview -- You should have submitted it online much before your interview. No one knows for sure, if it helps and if it means that, consulate gets time to review your case, beforehand, but logically, it would make sense to submit DS-160 beforehand, and obviously not at the time of the interview, at the least. Anyways, if I were you, I would not travel out of Canada, until I hear back from the consulate. You could follow up with them in a week or so (check with your company's immigration attorney or some experienced immigration attorney about that), but from what I see, it should get approved -- just time should be your concern. Good luck.
  12. Hank_82

    Visa approved on may 22nd Vancouver

    Also, you meant, March 22nd, right? ..
  13. I am not sure about the details, but I surely see, people doing it. and it has been posted here on forum.
  14. Hank_82

    H1B Visa Approved on March 13 @ Toronto

    what was your 2nd W2 salary? was it less than LCA, or higher than LCA?
  15. Hank_82

    Visa approved on may 22nd Vancouver

    how many W2s they are asking? or, how many you gave? .. which counter did you go?