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  1. You will given permit for 72 hrs to enter mexico with out Mexican visa, although its best would be to have visa as you don't need look around to get Mexican visitor visa once you are out of 72 hr while your stay in mexico, find near by Mexican consulate and its costs around 36$, most you get your visitor visa in 2 hr to 1 day depends on your local area Mexican consulate.
  2. pjagadish86

    Appointment date with old I797

    Yes, new H1-B approval and also need to be update done to DS-160 and H1-Appointment .
  3. pjagadish86

    DS 160 doubts

  4. pjagadish86

    DS 160 Form

    New one.
  5. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/47718-complete-package-h1b-stamping-questions-checklist-pims-client-questions-all-in-one/ Go through the above and see your self have proper documentation, when people say go to home country that includes to avoid YOUR hassle free and safe trip to consulate, doesn't mean there issue. Every input on this forum is help to each other. Good Luck for your visa.
  6. pjagadish86

    PIMS Verification @Jamaica ?

    With PIMS of your H1-B, you don't really require to participate in verification or updating, it's automated, and consulate ONLY verifies your h1b petition before your ASC or CSC appointments only. (on or after close of your cancellation interview schedule),
  7. pjagadish86

    Jamaica h1b: Appointment CONFUSION: please advice

    You already have a answer. Best advice is to call and confirm your appointment with consulate.
  8. Date of Immigrant petition belongs to you and of course Yes, need re-application for PERM LC and I-140 through current employer.
  9. pjagadish86

    is there any recent Approval 's in Jamaica from DEC

    Cool dude, question is about any recent approval. As you have great knowledge have input's to OP query that's a great help for everyone in forum. I hope you don't driving in wrong way.
  10. Do you have visa stamp your current X company if so all you need to present your h1 copy at POE.
  11. pjagadish86

    Interview experience @ Matamoros, Mexico

    You can probably check the site regularly, that's message from the USCIS customer service.
  12. pjagadish86

    Visiting Canada without Stamping

    If it just visiting you can with out canada TRV, if for stamping you need a visa, will not appy for stamping.
  13. He isn't talking about canada visa(trv), IF approved br 2or 3 business day
  14. pjagadish86

    status change from F2 to F1 - Urgent Please!

    unless f2 isnt cancled by VO.