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  1. Hi, My wife got 221g on her h1b stamping and decided to come on H4 and started working on H4EAD. Now, her H1b extension is about to be revoked. If this is denied/revoked, will she be eligible for Cap Exempt if she plans to go back to H1b from H4? She didn't finish 6 years on it and she has her 140 approved also. Please share your thoughts. Reason for H1b 221g - Couldn't show contract document between vendor and client since it was a federal client. Thanks and appreciate your help.
  2. My wife has received Notice of intent to revoke of her last approved extension petition. I think it will be eventually denied as she is not on H1b and not working for the client either. Can she transfer to H1b from H4 later using CAP EXEMPT though the extension petition is denied in the future?
  3. Thank you so much for your kind responses. Yes indeed, being in H4EAD is having a lot of advantages. The reason for us consider moving to H1-B is that the USCIS is planning to rescind the current H4EAD program by May/June 2018. Do you see any potential possibilities that this H4EAD program will survive in this administration? Thanks.
  4. Hi, My wife entered USA on H4 visa and changed to H1b (through lottery) and started working from Oct'2013 to Sep'2016. She went for H1B Stamping at Chennai and received 221g (Employer-Employee additional documentation) and a particular client-vendor contract document couldn't be submitted since the client is federal. Eventually the case has been sent to USCIS for further review and we didn't hear back anything from USCIS yet. Meanwhile, she went for H4 stamping and traveled to USA and started working on H4EAD. Now, we are planning to do COS(Change of Status) from H4 to H1 using Cap-Exempt with the same employer where Visa got 221g. Is she eligible to use cap-exempt? I would appreciate any of your valuable inputs. Thanks
  5. rajusaforum

    H4 after 221g on H1B

    My wife had received 221g (client letter, client-vendor contracts) on her H1B stamping interview Chennai. She can't provide them immediately, but she has to travel to US due to personal situations. I am on H1B and I have approved I-140. 1. Can she go for H4 stamping immediately without responding to 221g.? If yes, will there be an another 221g? 2. Can she move to H4 - H1B (different or same employer with same or different client) later while she is in US? 3. If she can move from H4 - H1B, how soon can she apply for H1? I believe she will come under CAP Exempt (3 yrs completed in H1B) Can you please help sharing your experiences? Thanks.
  6. rajusaforum

    H1b Stamping - Chennai

    I had booked appointment for me and two kids. VAC: Entered the building 25 mins before my appointment time. Except passports and kids photo, none of the other documents were checked. Very quick process done in 15 mins. I didn't take my kids with me, so I carried their passports and 1 photo. I was under assumption that kids passports will be collected as Dropbox category, but I was asked to carry them with their DS160 to Consulate next day. Again, I thought I have to drop it in the consulate in a designated place. But it doesn't work in this way. We have to handover kids passports to the visa officer who interviews us. Alright! Note: You are allowed to carry mobile phones switched off. Photocopies booth is also available where correction on DS160 can also be done in case of any. Interview: Entered the queue standing outside embassy around 8.45AM for the appointment 10AM. I saw a guy standing in front of me with 11AM also. A guy verifies the passports in the sidewalk and asked us to go through where our bag can be kept in a token base booth. Good for people who wants to carry mobile and other stuff. After the security checkup, you are allowed to go in and stand in a queue for 30 mins. Nobody was checking appointment time. After that you will be allowed inside the main building where the passports will be checked first then moved to counter 18 for fingerprint verification. These two things will be done in 20 mins. You will be in the final queue where you can see how the interview goes and stand for 20 mins. You will be directed to a visa officer upon the availability. Officer who interviewed me just showed previous guy a yellow slip to wait around there as he has to do verification, I learned that guy has been in US for 4 years and TechMahindra and direct client. Questions: VO: HEY, come on, sorry for the delay. How are you doing today? Me: that's ok, I'm pretty good. How r u? VO: Can you give me your passport? Me: handed over my passport and kids passports together and explained. VO: Didn't they want to come? Me: they are in jetlag as we reached few days back. VO: (smiled) Gotcha.. Where is your spouse? Me: she is in US and on h1b. (I assume he asked coz she was on h4 and moved to h1 later) VO: oh, she is on her own visa Me: yes. (Checking on his system something as kept asking below questions) VO: who is your petioner? Me: xxxxzzzxzz VO: Are you working at the same employear location? Me: No, client place VO: Which client are you working? Me: Had to say two times VO: Clent address? Me: xxxxxxxxzzzxzz VO: how long have you been in US? Me: x years and y months VO: how long have you been with the petitioner? Me: x years and y months VO: what's your salary? Me: xxx,xxx dollars per annum. VO: gave me the pamphlet and ask me to put it on my file. (He was still on his computer and tied all our passports together and kept it aside) VO: I have approved your visa. Have a wonderful vacation out here. Me: Thank you very much. Have a great day! Time was 11.15 when I came out. Passport Pickup: (Administrative Processing) Attended interview on Friday and checked my DS160 status on Monday early morning online. It was saying "Administrative Processing" Checked after few hours around 11AM, status was "Issued" Checked evening using my passport number, it said "received from consular section and being dispatched to the delivery" Next day I got an email/text to pickup passports. Relief!!! God bless you all!
  7. I am also in the similar situation. Did you travel to India and get the stamping and travel back to US without any issues? I really appreciate your help in sharing your experience. Thanks
  8. Hello Friends, My H1B amendment is pending for about 3 months and I would like to file H1B extension since my validity is expiring soon. Can I file H1B extension while my H1B amendment is still pending. Can you please suggest? Thanks.
  9. I am sorry to hear that your mom's visa got denied two times. I had one of my friends was in the same boat, but his mom got it in 4th time. So, don't worry. It should work for you. Regarding passport, I didn't know this rule as my parents got their passport few months back only. Also, I remember I read an article requesting Indian citizen to replace their old passports if it has been given for 20 years period (Nowadays, it is given for just 10 years). These old passports used to be hand written and given for 20 years period. But to be honest with you, I don't see this 2 years old passport need any confirmation from passport office. Practically, I don't think that this has any valid reason to do so. Thanks and God Bless you.
  10. Hello friends, I would like to share my parents visitor visa experience as it might help others who are in my situation. They are not educated and doing Agriculture in their own land. They don't speak or understand anything other than TAMIL. Pre-Process: I am in US and I directly sent all the documents to a travel agent in Chennai who helped me to file DS-160 and organize documents for my parents. My parents just prepared a affidavit document for their properties through an attorney and brought property papers along with them when they come for interview to Chennai. I translated most of the interview questions (including US addresses, my company name etc.,) in Tamil and arranged for them to read through. Every week they were practicing for about a month till the interview date. Good thing was that very importantly they were never shown little nervous and pretty much confidant than me. Interview (US consulate, Chennai) 1. First day, they went for finger-print and came back after work done. 2. Second day, Interview Day. They were as usual not nervous at all, but were enjoying as if they were in a differnt country by going through the consulate security checks. Below are the interview questions asked in TAMIL (Woman officer) 1) Why are you going? 2) Where is your son working? 3) How many children do you have? 4) What is your other child doing? 5) How long do you plan to stay in US? Officer was checking something in her system, smiled at them and told that "Happy Journey, your passport will be mailed to the address mentioned" She didn't even ask for a document except their passports. My mother has never spoken anything and all the questions were answered by my father only. Please let me know if you need any other details, I would be happy to help you. Have a wonderful day, God bless you all...
  11. Hello, My client is changing their office within 4 miles radius (same state, but different zip code). I am sticking with the same employer, same client & same responsibilities. I consulted with my HR team and an attorney regarding H1B amendment for this address change. They say that LCA amendment is alone required and we don't have to do H1b amendment. I plan to go for stamping next year and I am concerned that it should not be a bottleneck. Can you friends shed some light on this please? Thanks, Rajesh
  12. Thanks friends. It's really helpful. Appreciated.
  13. Hello friends, While departing US, I got a boarding pass after returning my i94. But the flight was canceled due to mechanical issue after I was boarded. We were sent home and asked to come next day. The airline booked my ticket in another carrier since their flight was not ready to fly. So i flew to my country through new carrier. Here my question is, I did return my I-94 to my old carrier, not to the new carrier. Should I be worried for this or should I take any action? Will I have any problem in POE next time? FYI - My i94 never expired when I actually departed US through new carrier. I'm in h1b visa. Thanks in advance.
  14. rajusaforum

    Is visa stamping required?

    Thank you Jairichi for your help :) It is really useful.
  15. rajusaforum

    Is H4 amendment required?

    Thanks Tjgarla for the reply. But my attorney and employer say they don't need to be amended. Please don't mind. Did you have the similar situation any chance or your friend's?. I am sorry if my question is very straight.