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  1. My wife is doing MS on H4. She needs to do 2 credits internship to complete her degree. She discussed with the admission committee and they said work permit had nothing to do with the internship. Now the program coordinator has given her a list of internships available from which she needs to give preferences and then appear for interviews. The only problem is this internship is NOT OPTIONAL.


    Also I had posted the a question on another form where attorneys said that if she is getting TRUE CREDITS and NO PAY, than she can. http://www.*************.com

  2. Thanks Sanbob for posting the attorneys opinions...


    Hi Jairichi,


    Provided the case of mine, I'm also in the similar boat and in a tensed situation. My H1(applied under premium) got picked this fiscal year where USCIS conducted lottery on Apr 7th' 2013 and got the notice on Apr' 11 2013 that it got picked, then had the final approval notice around in Apr' 17 2013 that its approved. How can I determine if my current approved H1 got picked in general rather than MS quota?(since USCIS posted that they have conducted lottery on MS first and reviewed the unselected packets in general pool). Please let me know.

    I think It won't matter whether it got picked up for Master's quota or general. Since you had applied for masters quota it might be counted as Masters quota and it also gave you an advantage of running through the lottery twice in case it didnt get picked up for master's quota. Ask an attorney if you can reapply under general quota next yr?