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  1. Chandra, Congrats. I told you will get it once your client responds :)! Good luck
  2. Chandra, did you client receive any email about your work confirmation? That is a common email you received but you will be cleared soon if your case and documentation are appropriate. V
  3. vbyvr

    221g Vancouver Tracker (4 & counting)

    Dear Vanky! I am a victim of 221g at Vancouver but my case got resolved in 10 days. Also NSREDDY's case was solved in a week. though her case showed refused it was updated back to admin process and then issued in a week . Most of the 221g's during Feb 15th to March 15th were resolved within few weeks time frame. There was only one case I saw from Jan 30th that was sent of re-consideration because the I-129 and LCA were not in line with the client address details. Hope this helps.
  4. vbyvr

    221G White Slip in Vancoover

    Kiran, If you have a bachelors degree from engineering background then I believe you will be fine even if your MS degree univeristy was refused under SEVIS. There was a case dated back to Sep-2012 where this lady had a degree from Trivalley then discontinued it joined MBA at some other college completed it and worked in IT. The VO said if you have atleast a four year bachelors degree, I would have approved your visa. So based on these lines, if you have a bachelors degree you will be fine.
  5. vbyvr

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Hank, I submitted it around 20th of February and my interview was on the March 8th. My close friend submitted his DS-160 just three days before his interview and got his visa approved without any hassles. So I doubt it really matters.
  6. vbyvr

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    All, I got my visa approved and flew back to USA on Thursday. Currently I am in the process of putting together my experience, 221g and the whole perpective of H1-B under one thread and will post it soon. Thank You all and please feel free to reach me on **********@gmail.com V
  7. vbyvr

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Hi, I sent an email to the consulate for case status update and I received this email yesterday. "The consular officer is now in the middle of finalizing your case. Once the visa has been issued, the passport will be shipped to Loomis. Loomis will contact you (within the next 2-5 business days) when the passport is ready for pickup from the Loomis location you selected. " Is this a generic message? At one point it says Middle of finalizing your case and in the next paragraph it says 2-5 business days. I am confused. My case status has been updated on CEAC site to 18th March but still shows Admin Processing. Also, generally in Vancouver or elsewhere they will ask us to pick the passport from the consulate when a 221g is given and if they take all your I-129, W2s, Paychecks, client letter etc. In my case they took all these docs. So that adds another confusion to understand this message. As anyone been in a similar situation before? V
  8. vbyvr

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Sanpokin : I wrote the client address but petitioner and employer information as my employer. I-129 has wordings that says where do you intend to work and we normally have the client address mentioned there. But most of the people give their employer address here because after this project you will move to your employer location anyways. It is quite a dubious question but go by your senses, whichever makes you feel comfortable. @ Rahul : this is my second h1b interview, first one was in 2007.
  9. vbyvr

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Kishore, My case is intact. everything is inline. LCA, I129 all have the same work location and this is the same client on which I got my extension that is in-turn is considered as amendment. If you dont have the 1-129 with current client address then it will cause issues. Overall my paperwork is good but not sure what made them give me a 221g.
  10. Hari, Sorry to hear that. Where are you in Vancouver? Can you please email me on vbsap9 at gmail? I am also issued a 221g and am in the same boat.
  11. vbyvr

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Goutham, This is my 7th year visa extension. I doubt it is due to the education background.
  12. All, I attended my visa interview today at Vancouver. My appointment was at 9:30AM. After the preliminary bag checks I was taken to the first floor where they some additional security checks and let me in. On the first floor at Counter #1 the lady took my I-797, PP , DS160 and photgraph and asked me to wait. After some 15 minutes my number was called and I was given back my documents and on DS-160 they mentioned 'No-Pims' and a case # ***/*****. Then they took us to the 20th floor where the finger prints are done and now waited for my final interview. As expected it is at Counter#4 and the VO was a lady officer. Me : Good Morning Mam VO: Good Morning VO: How long you been working for this employer? Me : Almost six years - 5 yrs 10mnths precisely VO: what do you do? Me: I am a Sr. *** consultant and working on the various modules VO: Where is your client location Me: AA state VO: Do you live close by Me: No I live in BB and travel every week VO: Isnt that hectic to travel every week Me: It is but, I have a kid who is going to school and I have long term plans to settle in BB VO: who is the client ME: XXXXX VO: Dont they have any consultants themselves to do the job? Me: This is one of the new modules and only a handful of consultants have expertise in it. VO: Can I see your client letter Me: Sure Vo: oh so you are going through a primary vendor? Me: Yes they are just the gatekeepers VO: Can I see your LCA, I-129? Me: Gave them VO: What is your highest degree Me : MS Telecom and Info systems from the Europe VO: Your Bachelors Ms: From India in EEE VO: You havent done any education in the USA? Me: No VO: Can I see your paychecks and W2? Me : gave my two years of W2's and nine months pay checks VO: glanced at my W2 All this while she was typing, talking, looking into her computer and at times looked at me thoroughly when I was answering my questions. She took my PP, I797, LCA, I129, W2, Paychecks and client letter and said that is all I need for now and I will need some additional time to review your case and your case can be checked online. She gave me a white letter. I asked her how long it would take and she said a few days and if you dont recieve any information by end of next week you can write to the email on the white form. I saw Jaguar09 had a similar case few weeks ago. I am a little confused and dont really know how long it is going take. Folks- any ideas? Please feel free to reach out to me on vbsap9@gmail.com Regards, V
  13. Suma, I understand your concerns and most of us relate with you and a visa stamping is always a hassle. But your questions are normal and I personally dont see any issues with them. You should be totally fine. 1) As i am on H1 extension(i nvr went fr stamping in my 1st h1) and this is the 1st time stamping, does it effect my approval ..? a. Most of the applicants as I read are first time H1B visa stampers only. So this question shouldnt bother you much. 2) I did my MS in electronics, and working in IT.. how should i ans if VO asks why are you working in IT (different field). B. As someone said in the last few days on this forum, you could say that you have done some courses in Computers and your employer too gave you the required training required to do the job. Also you could say that your thesis was on the lines of Computer programming. I am from a electronics background too and I did my thesis in using Java . And also unlike other Majors( civil etc) Electronics can be related better with CS. 3) I joined for new client on feb 18'th(this month)..today i filed for amendment..it might take 1-2 weeks to approve.. does it effect the PIMS verification if its approved just 15days prior to visa date..? PIMS should not impact you once your amendment is approved. In worst case scenario they may hold you for few more days before a decision is made, but they will definitely mention that it is related to PIMS verification. Atleast this is the trend I saw on this forum when someone got stopped due to PIMS. 4. http://www.uscis.gov...0004718190aRCRD Please read this link. It is not absolute mandatory to have a client letter as long as you can prove you are working and that your employer controls you. I guess your manager email, org chart, signed letter, and some email work proof should do good! There are fair changes of approval with this information and may be Vancouver is a good place. Again these are advises suggestions and should always be taken with a pinch of salt, as you know your personal situation better than anyone else. Hope this helps. Good luck, V
  14. vbyvr

    H1b Stamping - got arrested

    Kumar, I am afraid that it will work against you. Even after the case is cleared I would recommend you stay away from stamping for one year after the case is resolved. After one Year you can request for your history from DMV ( I believe all arrests are recorded onto your license irrespective of the type of the arrest). Most of the cases arrests ( not convictions) are dropped off from the history after a year. In any event this is a strong case that needs an attorney's advice preferably by the best in industry.
  15. Attorney_25 - 'You will need that reason in order to have a new petition approved - through the same employer or even a new employer.' I am not sure if this highlighted is accurate, atleast from my friends case which is similar to Avinash's. One of my friend went for Visa extension last year at Delhi Consulate and was given a 221g and later 'Transferred the case for re-consideration to USCIS'. Similar to Avinash, his primary vendor agreed to transfer his H1-B and they applied for a new petition in premium while the previous case was at USCIS. He got the new petition approved, went to stamping on this new petition, got approved, came to USA and started working. A month or so later, his previous employer received an email from USCIS with the Notice of Intent to Revoke. So it is evident atleast from this case, that Avinash can apply for a new petition and apply for a visa again with this new approved? petition and ignore his previous case completely, as his primary vendor agreed to do his transfer. I might be wrong but this is a true experience and my 2cents. For Emphasis, here is a similar case at some-other forum. http://www.****************** Regards, V