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  1. Contact your attorney and apply for extension.
  2. shekar11#

    H-1 Transfer after scheduled visa date

    Fill a new DS-160 with company B details and get DS-160 updated during finger printing appointment.
  3. No need of another DS-160. This section is just for informational purposes.
  4. shekar11#

    H1B Visa stamping

    No issues. Just be prepared to explain the situation if asked what happen in Chicago.
  5. No issues. She can stay in US.
  6. That is not right. If USCIS receives the documents before I-94 expiry date the person can stay in US. That's why retaining the shipping receipt is very important to track when the docs were delivered to USCIS.
  7. shekar11#

    H4 EAD Renewal - Changing Employer

    You can file your spouse EAD renewal after 04/2021. 180 days before expiry.
  8. shekar11#

    Visa approved but stuck in admin processing

    It is a common occurrence. Even if VO says visa approved there are lot of cases where people had to wait for a month or more.
  9. shekar11#

    H1B stamping processing time in Mumbai

    Never heard about same day pickup in India. You might be talking about Mexico? Best case scenario in India is at least 3 to 5 business days. But 2 weeks is the timeline needed to pickup passport in busy season.
  10. shekar11#

    H1B to H4 conversion:

    1. Yes, you can do that. 2. It will be abandoned since you traveled out of country. You don't need to do anything. 3. No.
  11. shekar11#

    Wife working in India travelling to US

    Yes that is perfectly fine.
  12. shekar11#

    Got RFE for Change of status from H4 to H1B

    For what type of visa will you be attending the interview if your H-1 is not approved.
  13. shekar11#

    Can we to Canada for H1B stamping?

    You can go to Canada or Mexico.
  14. shekar11#

    Urgent: 7th Year, with previous I-140

    No issues.