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  1. You are not eligible. That is one for the conditions for drop box that your previous visa stamping should not have a 221G.
  2. shekar11#

    chennai dropbox - 221g again it looks like

    Sorry about your situation. No one can suggest timeline. You need to see the reason first. Hopefully your issue might get resolved quickly.
  3. shekar11#

    H4 Extension when having Future Dated H1

    What your employer suggested is correct. You can continue working on H-1 after your current EAD expiry date and then apply for COS to H-4 and H-4 EAD. Most of the times in this forum and from my personal experience I saw that H-4 and H-4 EAD get approved at the same time. If you have to wait for EAD card after it is approved then just take a 1 or 2 weeks unpaid leave so that you can get the EAD card delivered physically.
  4. 1. Yes. 2. No, she can show the new I-797. 3. If you have option of waiting then that is the best way.
  5. Yes, she can keep working. No issues. Just make sure to renew when it is due. H-4 EAD can be renewed 6 months before expiry.
  6. shekar11#

    Drop box & H4 rejection due to H1b withdraw

    1. No 2. I-797 refusal is not visa refusal. Yes. 3. Yes.
  7. If the I-94 is valid then you can file for COS to H-4 and stay in the country.
  8. shekar11#

    Queries in DS 160

    You can fill as Telangana as that is the latest state. You will not have any issues because of that.
  9. Each country has its own US Embassy website. You can't login to India website and check for dates in other countries.
  10. shekar11#

    Travel with old H1B Visa for a new Petitioner

    No need of new visa stamping. Just make sure to show new I-797 at POE.
  11. You can respond with the updated I-94 that you received when you came back to US. You are perfectly fine. 240 day rule is for H-1, not for H-4.
  12. shekar11#

    US Visa Appt at Hyderabad - OFC vs Interview

    2. There is a limit to re schedule. You can call customer care and ask them. 3. Yeah she can go before you.
  13. 1. Yes, you can do that. Once you get the approval fill a new DS-160 and get it updated at the finger printing appointment.
  14. shekar11#

    H4 EAD work remotely