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  1. Yes. Check with ur employer why are you not a full time employee.
  2. She can attend. No issues. Yes an adult can accompany her.
  3. Pickup will be available at the consulate. But in how many days is upto the consulate.
  4. You can go to Canada for COS stamping. No issues. But the part time wording does not sound right in LCA. Clarify with you employer and attorney before going for stamping.
  5. shekar11#

    H4 Visa Drop Box while staying in USA

    She needs to go out of country and get visa stamped. Cannot do visa stamping while you are in US.
  6. Should not take too much time. May be a week atmost.
  7. Contact your spouse employer's attorney and see what he suggests.
  8. shekar11#

    H4 Visa waiver program

    Yes, you need all 3 I-797's.
  9. No issues as long as all the details are correct.
  10. shekar11#

    EAD renewal with valid H4 Visa

    Till when is your H-4 EAD valid?
  11. shekar11#

    H4, H4EAD - Extension Pending - Alternatives?

    Wait till 18th and then decide.
  12. Better to check with attorney.
  13. No issues. You can stay in US as long as you got a I-94 attached to your I-797. Looks like you got that, so you are good. Visa is not mandatory unless you travel out of the country or if you don't get a I-94 along with I-797.