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  1. ottawaaccommadation

    Can we followup with ottawa embassy to get update?

    I'm also in the same situation. I would need to go home by Feb 12th. VO held my passport. Could anyone please tell me how to approach embassy to get passport(with or without stamping). Thanks in advance!!
  2. ottawaaccommadation

    Jan 25th Ottawa consulate..status still 'Admin Processing'?

    @pashi_26: I have attended interview on Jan 28 and got Admin processsing slip (VO kept I797,passport, offer letters). I would need to go to india coming weekend (Feb 09). Could you please let me know the process to request for Passport if you have already got response to your email. Also can you please share correct email address of Ottawa embassy to which we can send the email requesting passport. Kindly reply back with your inputs to venkatanay@gmail.com
  3. ottawaaccommadation

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    Same here. I've attended interview in Ottawa on 28th Jan 2013. Got white 221 g form (white) , VO said, we will contact your client and employer", If they are not sitting on it, it won't take long tim Kept my offer letters, Passport and I797. Update as of now: No emails sent to client/employer. Are you in EVC/EVVC/EC?
  4. ottawaaccommadation

    221(g) resolved at vancouver

    My bad, haven't paid attn to title. Congratulations!!
  5. ottawaaccommadation

    221(g) resolved at vancouver

    Was this in Hyderabad or Canada?
  6. ottawaaccommadation

    Looking for accommodation from Feb 1 to Feb 8 Ottawa

    Also please let me know if you know of any paying guest accommodation. Thanks!! Narmada venkatanay@gmail.com
  7. Hi All, I have attended visa interview on Jan 28 in Ottawa and got 221g(white, admin processing). I am looking for someone who can share accommodation from Feb 1 to Feb 8 near Consulate or Ottawa Loomis Branch. Please contact me , if anyone is interested. Thanks, Narmada venkatanay@gmail.com
  8. Hi, I have attended interview on Jan 28 and got 221g(white, admin processing). Not sure how long should i have to wait. Looking for shared accommodation close to 1740 Comstock Road, Ottawa , ON,K1B5L2. or near Quality Inn downtown. Please send an email to venkatanay@gmail.com if you know of anything. Appreciate your help.