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  1. Asking for a friend.. I got visa from employer A and traveled to US with the same Visa from company A and petition issued was I-797B. After i entered US, i had to quit employer A for different reasons within a week (without pay stubs) and applied job with another Employer B where i got new I-797B without I-94 information attached on it and i have been working with new employer from last 3 months. My I-94 is valid till Sep 2017. I just realized that, it requires Visa stamping and re-entry if the new petition issued is I-797B and no I-94 information attached. Should i leave the country to get Visa stamped or it is legal to stay on I-797B with old Visa from Employer A? My current employer B doesn't see any issues with my current situation. appreciate your help. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am on H1B and my Visa valid till 09/26/2015. I have plan to visit India this month from 04/26 – 05/16 and my dependent who is on H-4 has same Visa validity and visiting India 04/26-06/25 and our I-94 expiration date is also same. So in my case i will have 4 months valid visa and dependent will have 3 months validity while coming back. Currently Visa stamp is from previous employer and latest I-797 from new employer has validity until 2017. Is it advisable to have get Visa stamp as we are anyway visiting India in this case with few month validity on return? Or there is no added advantage with Visa stamp compared to Visa extn?
  3. Hi, I was issued H1B Visa last month, but from the same company 2 applicatios were rejected with the following reason and the petitions are returned to USCIS for validation, this happend after my visa was issued for the same company, same project, same locaton, salary, eveything is same. Now i am in dilemma whether i should travel or not, whether the immigration officer will allow me or not, based on below developements after my visa was issued. please suggest. the below content is from rejection letter of other 2 applicants. Beneficiary XXXX, YYYYY was first interviewd on 28-Feb-2013. During the interview the beneficiary stated that he was petitioned to work as programmer analyst for ABCD Inc. Mr. XXXX YYYYY stated that he would working on an internal project "project A". When asked about the project description and scope, the beneficiary was unable to provide basic facts relevant to the claimed internal project. A consular investigatrion, using public and other records, indicates the petitioner's claimed internal project/product, "Project A", which form the basis for this petition is a sham project, fabricated with the intent to circumvent U.S immigration laws.
  4. sorry for the confusion, including me all are intended to work at employer location. the other application had provided client contract documents of the in-house project which is mentioned as the product of the company. the VO was trying to validate whether there are any clients using the product (in-house product) as few client names are mentioned in the product documents.
  5. Hi, I am in a odd situation. I am issued H1B visa 2 weeks ago for a small company. 1 week after my visa issued, another applicant from same company denied Visa saying the company provided client contract information is fraudulent and they asked him to sign a document saying the company provided information is fraudulent and they returned his passport. Now i am worried about immigration check at port of entry, not sure if i will be similar questions and whether they will allow me in or not. If anybody having any idea about this scenario, please suggest.
  6. there is no client, its an in-house project, and it is same for all the applicants.
  7. Thanks Shandan for your response. Actually the requirement is for an in-house project, no client, the same is mentioned in all the documents. There are already people working for this company, as per my knowledge there is nothing wrong with the company, the client contract documents provided by the employer are valid, but not sure why they are saying fardulent.
  8. Hi, My employer says he lost my H1B approval notice in mail while sending it to India, and asking me to attend interview at consulate with approval notice scan copy, is that acceptable by the consulate? or is it better to wait for duplicate copy which may take 3-5 months? please help. thanks.