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  1. same slot and going to same window is preferable. its very easy to book. just add your wife as dependant in your profile and i have done the same many times. one shot both are done. they do allow kids appointment provided take very very minimum amount of baby food. i have seen security throwing away food if person carries lot of baby food in HYD last week. my suggestion is stay in manasarovar the closest hotel to consulate and have your relatives take care of your kids for 1 hour. take kids as last option only . early appointments are for visitor visa and then work visa appointments are started arnd 9am. be prepared for 90 mins from start to finish in the worst case.
  2. abctx007

    H1B stamping-HYD

    here is my experience. interview : oct 12,2018 location: Hyderabad second renewal working directly with fortune 50 company. questions asked: 1) which company? 2) what is your salary? 3) what is your highest level of education? 4) which state do you live in? VISA approved interview was less than a minute but waittime was too long from start to finish.
  3. abctx007

    H1B -H4 visa stamp-HYD

    i am currently on H1B and qualify for interview waiver but my wife is converting from H1B to H4 so need to visit consulate stamping. my question is can we both go in single slot to avoid travel hassle later. i dont want to dropbox first and then my wife visiting consulate later. eventhough i qualify for dropbox i am not sure if i can schedule family appointment.
  4. abctx007

    LCA for two locations & Work from Home

    1. If I am planning to move from Texas to California where my employer is located and decide not to "work from home" but directly work at employers office address. Do I need to amend H1B or Is it just sufficient to file a change of home address to USCIS? your work location is changing so amendment is required. 2. If I am planning to move from Texas to California where my employer is located and decide to "work from home" which is 2-3 miles from the employers office address. Do I need to amend H1B or Is it just sufficient to file a change of home address to USCIS? amendment is definetly required whenver your work location is changing over 50 miles
  5. abctx007

    Join new employer with Receipt Number

    your paycheck dates should be answer.
  6. abctx007

    H1B Transfer after sep 11

    1. Considering the current situation in the H1B process, is it a good idea to change my employer (from A to B)? current situation is not that worse unless rules are abided. change employer is good but pls change to reputed company to avoid hassle. in my view status is more important that salary and once status is jeopardized its done deal but money be earned in different ways. (e.g stocks, ..) . pls consider reasons what is your importance and take wise decision. 2. If my petition denied should I need to travel back to India immediately? no you can stay until current I-94 expiration date
  7. abctx007

    Need info on H1b to H1 dependant visa conversion

    Can she process H4 dependant visa for me ? yes your wife can. Can i travel in H4 Visa , will that impact my current H1B validatiy ? no H1B visa is automatically revoked. you can only maintain 1 status at a time. Can i swap company after coming to U.S because i have H1B valid petition ? yes you can with old H1B petetion and do not come under cap. you should file COS from H4 to H1B
  8. abctx007

    Grace Period -60Days

    yes 60 day rule works no matter how. it all counts towards last valid status.
  9. this is the reply i received from ustraveldocs... In response to your question, we would like to inform you that each time applicants are applying/reapplying/renewing are required to schedule both the appointments unless they qualify for the interview waiver (no appointment). One to have your photograph and fingerprints captured at one of the Visa Application Centers (VAC) in India at least one day prior to the visa interview and second appointment for your visa interview at the Embassy/consulate.
  10. hi i am also looking answer for same question? please respond if anybody had similar experience
  11. Hello fellow readers, After new president Trump taking executive actions we all appreciate if people attending H1B interview after Jan 20 in any location could post their experience., lately very few posts are seen after Jan 20 so wondering how many people are attending H1B interviews and your experiences will benefit rest of the members.thanks for your help
  12. abctx007

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    my last update: mr kd082108 i am not defining rules here just sharing experiences and to give positive hope i'm not lord buddha, experience teaches. i wish all good luck becoz visa is kismat. visa interview: 0ct 9 9:30AM received email from loomis at oct 11 12:45AM picked up passport oct 11 10AM and flew back. most people with straight interview without PIMS delay will get passport in 2 days. check for spam between 12-1AM from laser.report@loomis-express.com or add this address to your inbox.
  13. abctx007

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    i adivse anyone not having U.S masters degree to skip vancouver consulate doesn't matter if you have 5 masters from diff countires. One person got 221g for additional verfication. Another person got drilled by each and every question by another consular, mostly with drivers license. make sure you have addr on DL with same on your paycheck.
  14. H1B Visa approved on Oct 9 at 9:30AM at vancouver consulate. Questions 1) whom do you work for? 2) where do you work? 3) where did you do masters 4) how long have you been working for employer and when did you join? when asking these Q he's checking his monitor to cross-check. did not ask for any single document DONT: DO not come to vancouver consulate if you dont have master's degree for U.S university. one person was give white 221g for coming here without masters degree. Vancouver consulate wasn not impacted with Govt shutdown.
  15. abctx007

    Visa Interview Vancouver Oct 9th

    you dont have email in your profile, contact me, i also have stamping same day.