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  1. I'd think its easier to go to Mexico!
  2. an0n

    I 94 not turned in while leaving us

    If you intend on returning back to the US after visiting Canada or Mexico, then it's ok to keep your I-94. However, if you traveled by air/land to Vancouver and now you are departing to India/other home country, then you must return your I-94. I have read entries asking people to post it to the Kentucky office but i would try my luck at the canada border crossing, explain your situation to officer and have him take the I-94.
  3. If stamping is denied, you cannot re-enter. However, if you travel to canada/mexico and do not attend a visa interview during your stay, you can come back to the US within 30 days on your valid I-94 (subject to CBP)
  4. You can file online. By mail it took me a month at New York.
  5. I attended my interview at the Toronto Consulate. I carried a sealed envelope from my employer containing company confidential tax returns, wage reports (of my colleagues) and other information. Security did not remove the seal on the envelope nor did they ask me if i was carrying any "sealed" envelopes. We pass through a metal detector and they scan us & whatever we are carrying before we are allowed insde. I believe the scanners can detect the insides of "sealed" envelopes. It IS safe to assume that we can carry 'paper' into the embassy, regardless of the envelope being sealed or open or even torn :) Rather than sound off/rant in public, ask yourself "Is my reply contributing to the topic creator's question?" @nsreddy: You are better off carrying those documents to VO. If the VO has any doubts/questions over your company (big/small) *may* ask for your company statements. My employer (75+ employees) did provide me with tax returns, wage statements, etc... in a sealed envelope. I attended the interview and the VO did not ask for those documents. I was issued a 221g and subsequently too, i was not asked those documents by the embassy. I got my visa approved 3 weeks later and am in the US now. The envelope is still lying around "sealed" but better safe than sorry.
  6. Final update: 28-Jan: Interview, VO issued 221g yellow form with batch number. Took I-797A, paystubs & bank statements. 31-Jan: Email to submit copy of petition with all supporting documents. 05-Feb: Submitted documents. Returned passport + 221g yellow form 07-Feb: Client was called for verification. 14-Feb: Email to submit 221g, passport. Submitted passport. 19-Feb: CEAC website status changed to Issued. 21-Feb: Collected passport. -- After CEAC status changes to 'Issued', you have to wait patiently, * for the email from Loomis with waybill number. OR * login to usvisa-info.com and check if waybill has been updated (as advised in the track your passport slip given by embassy) OR * go to loomis express website and select option to track by reference number and enter reference number available on the appointment details page on usvisa-info.com If you are unable to track your passport, it means the embassy still has your passport and there is nothing to worry provided your status on CEAC site says 'Issued' -- Thanks all for posting their experience on murthy's forum.
  7. 19-Feb: CEAC status changed to 'Issued' 21-Feb: Email from LOOMIS with waybill #, Collected passport.
  8. @lostpacket & 221gHYD: This is an individual decision. So, can't really say if disposing your stuff before a visa stamping is a smart thing to do. If the embassy refuses your visa application, you would stand vindicated but if the embassy approves your visa application, you *may* rue your decision to having disposed your stuff. My opinion is: Anytime you walk into an US consulate for a visa interview its a 50-50 chance, so go prepared for any outcome. @JoeF: Believe your earlier response is good enough for your statement. Unless there is an overhaul of the visa interview process, there is nothing anyone can do to absolutely guarantee that they do not get a 221G during a visa interview. Except ofcourse - not going for a visa interview.
  9. Ummm.. Thanks for your response. Enlightening to say the least. Anyway common misconception is 221G is issued to EVC or EVVC and that FT employees are given the red carpet treatment at the consulate. Afraid it is not so. There are instances of people working in universities after completing their Ph.D's given 221G under Administrative Processing.
  10. 19-Feb: CEAC website status changed to Issued.
  11. @JoeF: Interesting observation. A few of the clients i have worked with prefer contractors to full time employees for whatever reason. Usually they would have earmarked a few primary vendors (depending on the client's size) which makes the client life easier in terms of billing, timesheets, payments etc... to interface with one or more primary vendors than dealing with all the consulting companies out there. That's how the industry seems to operate. H1B visa quota seeks to bridge this resource gap. IMHO, changing your visa system to match the industry requirements with due diligence to restrict fraudulent use could be way forward. *********/*******are consulting companies too same goes to your local ********* Software.
  12. if he goes with new i797 valid till 30-sep-2016, the visa will also be till the end date on i797. best to check with an attorney and also if stamping locn is india, your friend may qualify for interview waiver.
  13. an0n

    Case Scenario : In case of 221g

    In the email i got, it says 90 days from date of notice, please send us items by courier or in person (Tue/Thu) * Passport. * This notice. * Notice of suspension received at time of interview. (221g yellow/white or whatever i guess)
  14. an0n

    Got 221g Yellow @ Toronto

    Questions asked to my client over phone: 1. Is XXX working at your location? 2. When did XXX start working there? (Date?) 3. Which company does XXX work for? 4. How long is his position/project expected to last? Additional Info: My Client told the consul officer, that I was in the middle of a delivery of a software project and they would appreciate it if the US consulate could process my case quickly. My client also asked when I would be able to return etc... Consul Officer informed that she is only doing the verification and she will pass on this information to her manager who will decide the case...
  15. an0n

    H1B Visa Transfer

    You can continue to use the existing H1B visa on your passport. Carry your old I797 and new I797 with you. At port of entry, If the CBP official asks whether you are working with the same employer as on visa, then tell him you have changed employers in Oct-2012 and show him the new I797 with valid I94. It will also help to keep your new employer & client contact information handy in case officer wants to verify.