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  1. My parents have been denied visitor visa (B2) at mumbai consulate three times. All three times no documents were asked at all. "My whole purpose of this visa was only to be with them for a month time and to visit some places in California." My father is retired from state govt ( Age 65) , mother is homemaker (Age 60), and I have 1 younger brother (Age 20) who lives with my parents and taking education in Mumbai. And my sister is married and settled in Pune, India. And my father has 2 houses in India, plus they have excellent bank balance in his own account. However he doesnt get pension as he got VRS (volunteer retirement) so in that case he is getting monthly income through interest on his FD's (fixed deposites) ,plus he gets rent from properties. I am currently on H1b since last 5 years and haven't applied for GC and my wife is on H4. I m too having good bank balance in US. Never had any immigration,job and financial issues. I too have house in India. I am planning to return to India in Nov 2013 itself. My first attempt : In Nov 2010, they all went for visa interview, visa interview was in English, VO asked some questions to my parents 1.Why do you want to go to USA ? Ans : tourism and visiting my son. 2.What do you do (to my dad)? Ans: Retired from govt(organisation name) 3.What do you do (to my mom)? Ans:home maker Thats it !! VO gave 214g . Second attempt : In Dec 2010, again they all (my dad,mom and brother) went for interview. This time VO didnt ask any question and upright rejected with 214g. Third attempt : Jan 7th 2013. Interview was in my native language (Marathi).This time my mom and dad went for visa interview. We thought if we don't include my brother they might get visa. So we didnt apply for my younger brother. But still they didnt get visa and VO issued 214g. Questions were almost same.Only one extra question they asked is "When did you last time meet you Son? " Ans : Jan 2012. Thats it . They rejected. All three times I was sponsoring my parents. We didnt make any change in the situation. My questions are : 1.How much time should I wait before reapplying visa for the 4th time? 2.Would self sponsoring option make any change in my situation to get the visa done ? 3.Should my parents visit some other nearby country before reapplying 4th time ? 4.Should I send them individually for visa interview ? 5. How to make changes in my current situation ? How would they know my situation has been changed without asking any documents (because 214G says apply if there is any change in situation) ? (I can not ask my father or mother to get a job to change situation , but is that what expected to change the situation ?). I have only 6 months left on my 6 years h1-B duration. And before that I really want to bring my parents over here for a short visit. Please advise.