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  1. Shootme1143

    Should I change job if I-140 is just approved?

    can you tell me your experience. were you able to retain the PD when you move to new employer in less than 180 days after 140 approval I have only one year left on my H1b.
  2. Shootme1143

    H4 is pending - Travel question

    I have H1 approved for 2 years. But my wife's h4 extension of stay is still in process. 1. is it safe to travel to india with expired H4/i-94 2. can she use H1b copy to obtain H4 status to return to country when its pending
  3. I have h1 valid until 10/2019 and it will be the end of 6 years with current A Employer. I am planning to get onto FT with B company. I-140 is pending from past 6 months with company A (PD is 05/2016). Once its approval; B company is planning to secure 3 years of extension. B Company starts Labor and 140 in those 3 years (Can I retain the old PD if my current A employer revokes 140 before 180 days ).
  4. Shootme1143

    140 new rule and port ofthe priority date

    I am with company A, filed 140 in the month of April 2017 and still in process. Its Priority date is May 2016. Now I accepted FT offer with Company B and H1 transfer is in progress. This might take another 3 months to get done, meanwhile i am hoping 140 with Company A also gets approved. In this case is Company A has any right to cancel or revoke 140 once after approved. Please input me on the new 140 rule. what is best way to save the priority date if i move to new employer B.
  5. I am on same boat Raj. let me know if you find any answer. I am attending Interview on oct 6.
  6. Shootme1143

    POE issue:OPT chemistry grad

    I did masters in chemistry and presently on OPT extension and working for IT company. Recently I visited India and while coming back to USA I was caught to officer at POE . I sent for second round check, Another officer questioned me Being a chemistry graduate how come you are working for IT company . I replied like I have done short term course related to IT job after my graduation with my personal interest towards software from the beginning and joined in the job. But he was not convinced and wanted me to show any document which will support your course related to IT but I don't have any to show up. Only thing I have is employment letter which having the roles what i am doing at my current job. "But he finally allowed me to enter USA by saying you are in big trouble means hard to come back if you leave the country for any reason". My question is what kind of consequences will I have in future and how would I can escape it. Will he documented my remark for this time in any form since he has taken a copy if xerox of my degree certificate and employment letter. Please help me I am violating rules but how would I answer all this in future.
  7. Shootme1143

    POE issue:OPT chemistry grad

  8. Shootme1143

    POE issue:OPT chemistry grad

    How do I get to know if CBP have put something in my records? Also If he did , will it be fine for me to apply h1b by submitting supporting documents ( computer course certificates) to prove that I have good knowledge in IT field . Please let me know