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  1. Hi, Can I get H1-B extension based on my approved EB2-National Waiver Interest (NIW) I-140? Thanks
  2. SunJune

    EAD after NIW

    Hi, I got my National Interest Waiver (NIW) approved and want to know if I can get EAD based on that. I am on H1-B visa currently. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can one file two I-130 concurrently? One filed by father and another one by brother. Thanks
  4. Should the referees resume be submitted with EB1-A or NIW applications? I understand that it may be necessary to submit resumes with EB1-A to corroborate the referees background, but is it the same with NIW petitions as well? Essentially, are these required by the USCIS? What is the best practice that one can follow? Thanks
  5. SunJune

    I-94 card need to be surrendered?

    Thanks medojipavan and gopalakrishnach.
  6. Hi, Do one has to surrender the I-94 card that is attached to I-797, when flying out of US? As I-94 records are kept online now, do we need give it out to border officer, will they ask for it? What precautions one can take? I will be travelling to Canada (Vancouver) shortly and I am confused. Please advise. Thanks.
  7. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Quick question, how did it go with the border officials once you landed in Vancouver? What did they ask? I am planning to fly there in Aug for my stamping and curious to know what they usually ask. Thanks
  8. SunJune

    Visa Expiration Date

    Thanks Shekar11.
  9. SunJune

    Visa Expiration Date

    Hi All, I am scheduling appointment at US embassy at Canada, Vancouver and as I am filling up the form, there is a question if I were previously issued a visa to enter the US. It is also asking me the visa expiration date. I got the student visa F1 back in 2008 with D/S on my I-94. I then changed to H1B. I didn't go India or outside US since 2008. So my question is what visa expiration date should I give for the F1 student visa? Below are the questions for reference. Q. Were you previously issued a visa to enter the United States? A. Yes -> I selected yes No Complete the following information from your most recently issued Us visa Q. Visa Issuing Post Name A. Issuing Post not listed -> Only Drop down Q. Visa issue date A. 21/July/2008 Q. Visa Expiration date Any help with the above will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi Bhaskar234, Did you get your H1B visa stamped? Where did you go, India or Canada? Would appreciate if you can share your experiences, as I am in similar situation. Thanks,
  11. Hi, I am contemplating to get my H1B visa stamp on my passport. I have some questions related to the same, which are as below: 1. Where it is advisable to get the H1B visa stamp,in my home country (India) or in neighboring country like (Canada)? If this helps, I did my studies (PhD) in US. 2. I have been on H1B for 3 yrs now, but have not got my H1B visa stamped in my passport. Will this have any affect on my stamping? I have been in US since 2008 (as a student on F1 and then on OPT and H1B). During this time, I did not get a chance to go to India. Will this have a negative effect? 3. My Dad and brother are both US citizens, will this affect my stamping in any way? Will appreciate your response on these. Thanks
  12. Does one have to work for a minimum number of months for employer A before changing to employer B? Are there any restrictions with this regard? Thanks
  13. Hi, Are there any issues converting B2 to H1B? Recently, I have been laid off from my job, and as my employer only gave me 1 week notice, I am thinking of applying for B2 in order to maintain the status and avoid any complications. I was curious if there will be any issues/obstacles, if I want to convert my B2 back to H1B, once I gain the employment. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  14. SunJune

    H1B Visa stamp for the first time

    Thanks KumarKP!