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  1. Hi, I have approved NIW which was self petitioned. My questions are: 1) Does changing jobs in the same field affect the NIW approval in any way? 2) Does changing teams within the same organization in the same field but at a different location affect NIW approval? How can one determine and make sure that their job is in the same field, even though the job titles may be different? Does USCIS require any documents, proofs for verification of one being in the same field, when I-485 is filed? Thanks
  2. SunJune

    Question on Country or Location on DS-160

    Thanks for the response, appreciate it.
  3. Hi, I am planning to get H1B stamping in Vancouver, Canada. I went there for my last H1B stamping as well. Below question has got me confused and wanted to take advice on what to enter (Yes or No). I am in US on H1B. Q. Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this country or location your place of principal of residence? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am planning to get my H1B visa stamp in Vancouver, Canada early next year. I went there in 2017 as well for the same. I want to make sure that the Canada visa granted that time (No. of entrees in the passport- Multiple) will be valid for this travel as well or do I need to get another one (Canada visa)? Other relevant detail from the visa is as below: Date of Issue- 13/12/2016 Expiry Date- 20/12/2025 No. of entrees - Multiple Category- V-1 Visitor Thanks
  5. Hi, I got EB2-NIW approved way back in June 2018. I applied on my behalf, not my employer. I asked a similar question before, but now my question is, can one move to a different country (India, Canada, UK) without affecting NIW approval? What are some of the precautions that one can make? Thanks
  6. Hi, My H1B extension application is currently in process, although got an RFE for it, it is being handled by company's lawyers. I am also planning to change the teams within my company which will require a H1B amendment due to location change. Is it advisable to wait till I get the H1B extension approval before I switch the teams, or it doesn't matter? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I have a quick follow up question, currently my H1-B extension application is in progress. Will moving to a different state during this time period, will affect my extension application, or should I wait till my extension gets approved? Thanks
  8. Hi, I got EB2-NIW approved way back in June 2018. I applied on my behalf, not my employer. I am contemplating to move to a different state/location, while remaining with the same employer and in the same field. My question is, is it possible for me to move to different part of the country without affecting my NIW approval? I asked the same question to our company's immigration lawyer and they said that they cant advise on location change as their office hasn't filed NIW for me. They however stated that moving within the same state would not be a problem. I may be wrong, however doesn't NIW gives the petitioner the flexibility to move anywhere within USA, as long as they are working in the same field that their NIW is approved for? Thanks
  9. Hi, Can I get H1-B extension based on my approved EB2-National Waiver Interest (NIW) I-140? Thanks
  10. SunJune

    EAD after NIW

    Hi, I got my National Interest Waiver (NIW) approved and want to know if I can get EAD based on that. I am on H1-B visa currently. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can one file two I-130 concurrently? One filed by father and another one by brother. Thanks
  12. Should the referees resume be submitted with EB1-A or NIW applications? I understand that it may be necessary to submit resumes with EB1-A to corroborate the referees background, but is it the same with NIW petitions as well? Essentially, are these required by the USCIS? What is the best practice that one can follow? Thanks