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  1. I got laid-off recently and I am on green card. My severance pay is for 9 weeks, until the end of March 2021. I reside in the state of Illinois. My severance pay will not be paid in lump sum, but rather paid bi-weekly, as usual, as before. Can I file for unemployment benefits while receiving severance pay? Please help.
  2. My wife applied for N-400 in August 2019, and gave N-400 interview in January 2020. After months of delay after the interview, got the decision for approval in March 2020 to appear for the naturalization ceremony. Unfortunately, things got worse because of COVID-19 and ceremony got de-scheduled. Received notice to appear for June 25 naturalization ceremony. Our baby is expected anytime, and has due date July 1.Is it safe to postpone the ceremony because of our current situation? What is the procedure and what would the implications of post-pone? Any estimates of how long the wait time would be if we post pone? Our field office is Chicago, IL.
  3. Spouse is LPR and applied for my I-130, and we have priority date August 2018. I am eligible to file for I-485 based on June 2019 visa bulletin. I am on valid H1B status in USA with validity until 2021. I-130 was applied just after marriage, so spouse still had maiden name (before marriage name) on I-130 application. Her Green card also still has her maiden name before marriage. After few months, she got her surname changed because of marriage, and now, her driver's license and SSN card has new surname after marriage. 1. On my I-485, I-864 (Affadivit of support) and other forms, which name should my spouse use? Is it before marriage name or after marriage name? 2. Is it mandatory to apply for I-90 now to get spouse's new green card updated with new surname after marriage and send this I-90 receipt copy or new green card copy along with my I-485 application? Does it mean she has to first get Indian passport also updated with her new surname to get her new Green card? 3. If yes, spouse is eligible for Naturalization in 2 months. Does it make sense to not apply for new green card for spouse now, and also not apply for my I-485 now, and rather apply for naturalization for her directly in 2 months, and then apply for my I-485 at a later time? Because we renewed spouse's Green card only late last year because it was expiring and paid $ amount, and applying for her new green card again means we need to pay money again, especially when she is close to applying for citizenship, and new new green card with updated surname would not be much useful in the longer run when she might be getting her USA citizenship in about 1 year? Please advise.
  4. I am currently on valid H1B status until 2021. Spouse is LPR, so applied for I-130 last year, with Priority date August 2018. Per June 2019 visa bulletin, I am eligible to file I-485 now. I am panning to apply for I-131 Advance Parole also with my I-485 petition. My H1B stamp from previous employer is valid until Dec 2019. I do not have visa stamp from my current employer as I just joined recently. Both previous and current employers are big size, and reputed American companies and I am FTE. I plan to travel to India in Oct. 2019 and return back in Nov. 2019. I was told I need not go for visa stamping when I travel since my visa stamp from previous employer is still valid, and I plan to return back to USA before Dec. 2019. Now my question is: 1. Is it harmful if i apply for advance parole I-131 with my I-485 now? If I get the I-131 approved, should I take it with me to India during my travel, even if I plan to use my existing visa stamp to return back to USA? 2. Or even if I receive I-131, should I not take it during my travel to India to avoid confusion? 3. I heard it is best to use visa stamp to return back to USA than advance parole since people using advance parole may be subject to additional screening. Is it true? Please guide.
  5. I am on valid H1B visa and spouse (GC holder) filed I-130 for me and priority date is Aug 2018. I-130 is still pending with USCIS. June 2019 visa bulletin has F2A for family-based as March 2019. 1. Am I eligible to file I-485 because my PD is eligible as per June 2019 bulletin? 2. If so, do I have to wait until June 1, 2019 to file I-485? Thanks, G.
  6. goutham31

    Will I be in legal status?

    I am on H1B with company A, I-94 valid until December 13, 2019. I have now offer from company B with H1B approved from October 2018 until October 2021. I am planning to give 2 weeks notice to employer A and take 1 week vacation before joining company B. Will I be in legal status during my vacation time? Thanks, G.
  7. My spouse filed for my I-130 in California in August 2018 and I'm on a valid H1B status. We are going to move to a different state for a new job. When I file change of address form with USCIS, will the I-130 petition still be processed in CA or will be moved to a different state? Thanks, G.
  8. goutham31

    Feb 19 or Feb 20?

    Assuming USCIS doesn't suspend PP any more, is Premium processing opening (effective from) on Feb 19th or Feb 20th?
  9. Check H1B tracker in ********.com and apply advanced filters to get crowd sourcing information.
  10. Congrats! did you case get transferred to another center? Did you get notified by email or hard copy mail regarding your approval? so many transfer cases filed at California in Oct 2018 are still pending.
  11. My wife is a GC holder and we just got her surname changed at Social Security Office because of marriage. Is it mandatory to have her name changed in her GC as well? Is there a fee if it is mandatory? I checked USCIS website but couldn't get clear information. Thanks, G.
  12. Thanks, but SSN Administration never asked for changed name in Passport as evidence. We provided original marriage certificate as proof which was enough for them to change name. Should we change the name in Passport now? Is it mandatory to have her name changed in her GC? Is there a fee for it?
  13. No, the passport name has not been changed.
  14. 2. yes 3. 60 days 4. if your h1b is again filed by company A within your 60 day grace period, then yes, you can start working with company A on receipt. if those 3 weeks is within your 60 day grace period, yes you can stay in US.
  15. @pontevecchio Can you please explain "one always had 60 days to join while changing H1 employers"? Does it mean even if the H1B petition from employer B is approved, I still have 60 days to join employer B, if my current H1B petition and I-94 is valid with employer A?
  16. goutham31

    H1-B Extension - Nebraska or Vermont ?

    Yes it is true
  17. Currently working full time with Company A in California on H1B which is valid till Dec 2019. Accepted full time offer from Company B based in Chicago. Can company B do H1B transfer with premium processing even after Sep 11 if they do H1B transfer at Nebraska Service center? Mine is cap-exempt H1B. Thanks.
  18. goutham31

    H1B Premium Processing in current scenario

    Can I please get a response? Thank you.
  19. goutham31

    Suspension of Premium Processing

    Currently working for a proper full-time company A for the past 4.5 years in California on H1B. H1B ends on Dec 2019. Just got offer from a proper company B for full-time in Chicago. Mine is cap-exempt H1B. So, does Company B have to do premium processing for me before Sep 11? Or since company B is based in Chicago, can they still apply for H1B transfer with premium processing even after Sep 11 if they file it in Nebraska Service center? Thanks, Gautham.