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  1. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Thank you for your response. Wife was in India doing Masters during 2012 to 2014..went back after Nov 2014 to give her final exams and returned back to USA in July 2015..had a valid travel permit from 2012 to 2014 when she left in 2012..has not been questioned or grilled in Port of Entry any time regarding long absence from USA during all these trips..no silly tricks were played on tax returns.
  2. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Thank you, Wife obtained GC in December 2008. Can we not count from November 2014?
  3. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Can somebody please check and respond? Thank you.
  4. Wife came to the US in 2008, lived in USA until 2012, went out of USA in Nov 2012 for her Masters and then came back to USA Nov 2014 (out of country for full 2 years). Stayed for 2 weeks in USA until end of Nov 2014, went out of USA, and came back again in July 2015 and living in USA ever since. I think her eligibility to apply for citizenship broke because she was out of country for 2 years. Want to check if she is eligible to apply for citizenship based on the 4 year 1 day rule on or after Nov 2018? (counting 4 years from Nov. 2014). Your valuable inputs would be very helpful. Thanks!
  5. goutham31

    Maximum amount in cash from USA to India

    Thank you, I checked Indian Customs Regulations - it says anything more than $5000 cash or $10000 in Travelers check should be declared, however, it doesn't say if its per person or per family. Any idea?
  6. Me (H1B visa holder) and Fiancee (green card holder) are traveling from USA to India, and are planning to carry $4k (myself) and $5k (Fiancee) in USD cash from USA to India on flight. Is this legal and allowed? Should this be declared in any form? What is the maximum amount that can be carried in cash? Are there any other ways to carry this much amount apart from cash? I checked with banks and they don't offer travelers checks anymore. Thanks, G.
  7. goutham31

    Any legal ways to work more than 40 hrs/week on H1B?

    Thanks both for your inputs.
  8. Hi all, I am working as a software engineer full-time on H1-B for a proper company (not a consulting firm). I did my Masters here and have been living in the US for 6 years. Want to know if there are any legal ways of working more than 40 hrs in the US on H1B Visa? I see many part-time openings for Kohl's, Dominos and other outlets which offer flexible work timings, so wondering if we can legally work there during weekends or holidays to gain some extra cash? Thanks, Goutham
  9. Thank you. Mine is a H1B transfer and not a first H1B petition. Is it normal to expect 3-4 months for H1B transfer also in regular processing? Thanks, G.
  10. Dear Gurus, I have my H1B transferred to my new employer through regular processing and the H1B receipt was received on Apr 21, 2014. It is a proper full-time job with a company and not with any consultancy. Since my new employer advised me it was legal to start working for them once we have the H1B receipt, so I quit from my previous employer, and I have already started working with my current employer for more than a month now. But I am very concerned as my H1B Visa status is in Initial review since Apr 21, 2014 and it is close to 3 months now. I have my Masters from the US, and my H1B Validity (with my prev employer) is until Sep 2016. Is it normal to expect such long delays from USCIS? Should I check with my current employer/attorney on this? Please advise. Thanks, G.
  11. goutham31

    Maintaining status on H1B Visa

    Thanks for the clear explanation, JoeF! THANKS, g.
  12. goutham31

    Maintaining status on H1B Visa

    Thanks a lot, JoeF! So, if taking this 1 week break after I officially terminate my employment with employer 'A' is not an issue, what status would I be exactly on during this 1 week period? Thanks, G.
  13. goutham31

    Maintaining status on H1B Visa

    Could someone please respond to my query? Thanks a ton!