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  1. goutham31

    H1-B Extension - Nebraska or Vermont ?

    Yes it is true
  2. goutham31

    H1B Premium Processing in current scenario

    Can I please get a response? Thank you.
  3. Currently working full time with Company A in California on H1B which is valid till Dec 2019. Accepted full time offer from Company B based in Chicago. Can company B do H1B transfer with premium processing even after Sep 11 if they do H1B transfer at Nebraska Service center? Mine is cap-exempt H1B. Thanks.
  4. goutham31

    Suspension of Premium Processing

    Currently working for a proper full-time company A for the past 4.5 years in California on H1B. H1B ends on Dec 2019. Just got offer from a proper company B for full-time in Chicago. Mine is cap-exempt H1B. So, does Company B have to do premium processing for me before Sep 11? Or since company B is based in Chicago, can they still apply for H1B transfer with premium processing even after Sep 11 if they file it in Nebraska Service center? Thanks, Gautham.
  5. Thank you Joe. Should I write family details in native language? Thanks.
  6. My spouse is a LPR and she's sponsoring for my I130 application. I am on H1B with an approved I140 petition already. 3 questions on filling the I130 form: 1. Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary? Should we answer yes because I already have I140 approved or no because no one else has filed a I130 for me before? 2. In part 4 of the application, it is asking to write family name and other details in the native written language (mine is Tamil from India) - should I fill these in Tamil language? 3. I saw 2 passport size color photos is needed with application. Should the photos be taken together with my wife or individual photos of wife and me are needed? Please advise. Thanks.
  7. Thank you, Joe! If my wife files I130 and I485 concurrently for me, will I be eligible to get GC EAD as soon as the application is filed? If I am eligible for it and get GC EAD, I can then apply to companies without a H1B visa, right? Thanks.
  8. Can I please get a response? Many thanks!
  9. Hello, I am (Indian citizen) currently on H1B visa with I-140 approved EB2 with Priority date June 2016. H1B visa is valid till Dec 2019. Got married to US Permanent resident (spouse is Indian citizen) recently. 1. Should my spouse file I130 or I131 for me for family based GC? 2. Can I130 & I485 be filed concurrently? Is there any benefit to it? 3. How long will it take for me to get GC? Will I no longer need H1B visa sponsorship if my I130 is approved ? Or what stage should I cross to no longer need H1B visa? (before getting GC) Thanks, Goutham.
  10. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Thank you for your response. Wife was in India doing Masters during 2012 to 2014..went back after Nov 2014 to give her final exams and returned back to USA in July 2015..had a valid travel permit from 2012 to 2014 when she left in 2012..has not been questioned or grilled in Port of Entry any time regarding long absence from USA during all these trips..no silly tricks were played on tax returns.
  11. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Thank you, Wife obtained GC in December 2008. Can we not count from November 2014?
  12. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Can somebody please check and respond? Thank you.
  13. Wife came to the US in 2008, lived in USA until 2012, went out of USA in Nov 2012 for her Masters and then came back to USA Nov 2014 (out of country for full 2 years). Stayed for 2 weeks in USA until end of Nov 2014, went out of USA, and came back again in July 2015 and living in USA ever since. I think her eligibility to apply for citizenship broke because she was out of country for 2 years. Want to check if she is eligible to apply for citizenship based on the 4 year 1 day rule on or after Nov 2018? (counting 4 years from Nov. 2014). Your valuable inputs would be very helpful. Thanks!