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  1. reddy1306

    Will CPT affect OPT

    Hi Frnz, Need your advice please help me out... This is Ramesh, I have already took 2 full time CPT's and 1 part time CPT so far. This Summer will be my last semester , So i wanted to know if i can take part time CPT in summer as well. Could you let me know if this affects my OPT. Thanks in Advance....
  2. reddy1306

    H4 to F1 - Stamping

    Hello, My wife is currently in her second semester on F1. We have done COS from H4 to F1. 1)Recently my H1 visa got extension but I dont have a h1 stamping right now. We are planning to go stamping in Jamaica for me and my wife visa. 2) If she go for F1 stamping will there be any issues. Are there more chances to get her F1 rejected. 3) What are all documents she needs to carry for her stamping. Please advice... Thanks Ramesh
  3. reddy1306

    COS H4 to F1 RFE

    Hi, I got an RFE for COS and they have requested for last 3 paychecks of my husband as he was lost job and couldnt run his pay check for last month now what should i do. Please suggest me. Now he has only one paycheck with 80 hrs another pay check with 40 hrs. Thanks in advance
  4. reddy1306

    Bank Statement Requested.

    Can you please call me on my number which is in my profile or email me ur number have couple more questions...
  5. reddy1306

    Bank Statement Requested.

    He has multiple accounts with the same bank and have enough funds in the another account.
  6. reddy1306

    Bank Statement Requested.

    There is nothing fishy , its same account holder who is having another account with enough funds in it... will it be ok if i submit it.
  7. reddy1306

    Bank Statement Requested.

    Hi I have applied for change of status from H4-F1 and now i recieved RFE. USCIS is requesting for last 3months bank statements. As i dont have any statements for the bank account which i have submitted. Can i get other bank details with enough funding for my education. Sponser is in India and its State bank of Andrapradesh. Please help me soon Thanks Ramesh.
  8. reddy1306

    RFE: COS H4 to F1

    Hey , I am right now in the same position can you please call me ... my contact details are in my profile. Thanks alot Thanks Ramesh.
  9. reddy1306

    H4 to F1 COS: F1 stamping

    Hey , Can you please share your interview experience i am in similar situation. Want to go for f1 Thanks alot Ramesh
  10. reddy1306

    F-1 staping in Canada after COS from H-4

    Hey , I have same kind of issue can you please let me know if you get any answer for this. Thanks Ramesh
  11. reddy1306

    H4 - F1 stamping in Kingston - Jamaica

    Parchuri, Can i know how long it took for COS ?? Thanks Ramesh
  12. Hi My wife join at University, She was one H4 prior to joining, she got I-20, want to convert visa from H4 to F1. Please let me know what are documents needed to send to USCIS for change of status ? And also do we have to pay for both I-901 ($200) and I-539 (Don't know the amount assuming its $280). I appreciate your input Thanks Ramesh
  13. reddy1306

    Urgent help needed on VO questions..

    Hi below are the answers which might help you Whom do you report to --- You should always mention that you report to your employer and he will be assigning the task for you. How do you report --- Tell that you will be having status calls every evening or alternate day with you employer where we discuss about the status of the project. If they ask you why you are working at client location then tell them that you are using client systems and its there policy that we have to work at there location.. Thanks Reddy
  14. reddy1306

    Vancouver Jul 31 to Aug 6

    http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/57346-may-9th-vancouver-successful-tour/ bro check the hotel information
  15. reddy1306

    Stay @ Vancouver - Downtown or Airport area?

    Hi.. I prefer you to stay in downtown... which is easy for commute.... please follow the below link which has full details of the hotels where u can stay http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/57346-may-9th-vancouver-successful-tour/ thanks Reddy