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  1. I was working for Employer A till FEB 2013. After that I relocated to India and lost the job. I have a valid H1b stamping till 2015. As H1b Transfer is not possible as I am not in valid H1b status anymore i.e. Lost Job Employer B wants to file an H1b for me (Obviously I am cap - exempt) Do i need to get a restamping once I get an approval on Cap Exempt h1b visa ? I would appreciate if some one who has gone through the process will post answer. Does the Cap Exempt H1b visa approval comes with I 94 attached with it. Thank You
  2. Bhavin, if you have a valid visa stamp on you passport do you need to get it restamped when this petition approves ? I am in a similar condition. Have a valid H1b stamped on passport. Out of USA. Not working with the same employer for more than a month. Have a new Offer with H1b filing. Share experience from your attorney.
  3. hawkeye13

    intend to revoke

    @Attorney_11. The questions is can he take the same I797 (Which he used before and received 221g) approval notice to appear in consulate again for stamping ?
  4. If you can post the screenshot of the email, we can may be see exact content of the email.
  5. hawkeye13

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    That is not a proper reason to buy. I would take a second opinion or post the details on ****. What do you think about Freedom of Information act to get actual VO notes on your case http://www.state.gov/m/a/ips/
  6. hawkeye13


    Tell him the truth in fact I would also ask them if they will wait or support me in worst case admin process senario. Ask them if you can work from home in such case. It is a good way to decide whether you should be going to stamping or not.
  7. hawkeye13

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Did he give you a reason why you can not file mandamus against DoS ?
  8. hawkeye13

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    What kind of visa do you have ? (one that's going to expire on aug 2013)
  9. hawkeye13

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    How many days to go to get to 1 year mark ?
  10. hawkeye13

    Online status Visa refused means denial?

    Let us know if you have conttaced consulate or officials in any way and heard back anything from them. My thinking is that you are getting screwed by some mistake others think it is an admin process. Either way you gotta get your story straight. If it was their mistake than it can not be corrected without you contacting them. Call DOS and consulate.
  11. hawkeye13

    Online status Visa refused means denial?

    Call Department of States -> Hire an immigration attorney -> FOIA -> Reappear at consulate Also you can feel out a Freedom of Information petion which will enable to get you "remarks of VO on your case" http://foia.state.gov/foiareq/foialetter.asp Please note that I have never tried the above mentioned solution but I have read about it in multiple cases. Also, you might be able to appear after consulate with same petition again (that is the only way to get your case reconsidered)
  12. hawkeye13

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    I finished 60 days on Admin Processing Today. Havent heard back anything from consulate.
  13. hawkeye13

    221g @ Hyd

    why did you get 221g two years back ?
  14. hawkeye13

    Visa status says "Refused" after the interview

    are you still employed with same employer ? May be your petition has been revoked ?
  15. hawkeye13


    Is "PIMS update" main cause of 221g ? Who do i ask to verify whether my PIMS info has been updated or not ?