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  1. I am US Citizen. I recently applied i130 and 485 together. While that is processing can i apply i583 application to extend? 

    1. tripura


      I am US Citizen. I recently applied i130 and 485 together for my mother. While that is processing can i apply i583 application to extend her visitor visa? There are questions like:

      whether 485 is pending or any one applied for immigrant status. If i say yes does 583 denial changes are there?


  2. Abecedarian2012

    Impact on H4 EAD with I-140 revocation

    Hi Kent321, what happen to the status of your wife's H4 EAD. Please provide an update on your case?
  3. Abecedarian2012

    Status of H4 EAD

    Any inputs on this will be greatly appreciated. Does anyone gone through this?
  4. Abecedarian2012

    Status of H4 EAD

    Hello Every one, Could someone please throw some light on the below case: 1. I have Approved I-140 from employer A and my wife has approved H4 EAD which is valid till 2018. 2. After that if I join employer B and employer A withdraw (not revoked) my Approved I-140. 3. Will the approved H4 EAD will be valid till the approved date or it will be immediately get invalid because I-140 withdrawn by employer A ? 4. If I transfer to new employer B, do I need to file new H4 EAD application along H1,H4 Transfer?
  5. Abecedarian2012

    Parents Visiting Visa

    thanks jairichi
  6. Abecedarian2012

    Parents Visiting Visa

    Can Some one pls clarify me on the above questions, thanks
  7. Abecedarian2012

    Parents Visiting Visa

    My Parents are applying for Visiting Visa, I do have a question about the primary occupation of my Father. My father is a retired private employee( retired couple of months back), on which he works in second/evening shifts. All these years he manages two things 1.) job eveneing shifts and 2.) farms/leases the agricultual lands , collects rents on few properties on monthly basis. At present his main source of income is from leasing the agricultural lands, collects rents on few properties on monthly basis (have IT returns as well on these rented properties). Please help on the below questions 1.) For the Occupation field, do I need to select the Option as Agriculture or Other? 2.) As he worked earlier in a private firm, For previous employment in Ds-160 , Do I need to list the details of his previous job? 3.) My Mother is a retired Govt employee and I selected Retired, but not sure where to enter the pension income? is there any option to show the pension income in ds-160?
  8. Abecedarian2012

    I140 and Extension

    ok thanks
  9. Abecedarian2012

    I140 and Extension

    Please clarify one more thing on the Question 4. 4) Has an immigrant petition EVER been filed for you or for any other person included in this application? actually this question is for my Spouse who is on H4-dependent Visa(entire stay in US-- till now) and her name is added to myemployment based I-140 ( as a dependent) which is approved recently. So to Summarize,in H4-Extension form (i-539) for my Spouse, the answer for Question 4.) should be Yes and she has to provide my I140 receipt details as justification to the Question 4. Is my understanding correct ? Please let me know.
  10. Abecedarian2012

    I140 and Extension

    thanks Guys.
  11. Abecedarian2012

    I140 and Extension

    thanks Jairichi , Could you please shed some more details here why I need to answer as 3.) No and 4.) yes.
  12. Abecedarian2012

    I140 and Extension

    thanks Jairichi and livliv for the quick response. still in confusion as got responses as no,yes . about these questions (3,4).As I-140 is filed by my employer and I didn't file I-485 for me or for my spouse. Still do we need to answers yes ? if we answer yes, what kind of explanation do we need to provide ? Could you guys please address with few more details on my case?
  13. Abecedarian2012

    I140 and Extension

    Here is my Case: I am on H1B now and my H1B duration for first term(3 years) expiring in September. Planning to extend my H1B, I do have remaining 3 more years in the overall 6 year term. My I 140 got approved recently, also my wife name included in the I140 petition. What do we need to answer to the below i-539 Extension Questions? 3) Are you, or any other person included on the application, an applicant for an immigrant visa? 4) Has an immigrant petition EVER been filed for you or for any other person included in this application? We are planning to do concurrent filing of H4 extension and H4 EAD along with my H1 Extension. Please suggest.
  14. Abecedarian2012

    Visitor visa mothers last name different

    Hi Sappu, I am also in the same situation and have doubt about my mother's lastname. How did you rectified the lastname issue and can you share your mothers visitor visa experience.
  15. Abecedarian2012

    Mother's Lastname is Different

    I would like to apply visitor visa to my mother. My Mother's last name in my passport and her passport is different. In my passport it is like FirstName, FamilyLastName SXXXX ,VXXXXX In my Mothers Passport FirstName, MothersMaidenName SXXXX ,BXXXXX My Mother is an employee and her banks account are reflecting my Mother's Maidenname. Someone please let me know whether it is going to create any issue while applying Visa? Do I need to change my mother's name in my passport? If so what is the process.