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  1. Dhiraj, No need to NOTARIZE docs..even I mentioned my father as retired, and same replied when asked by VO... fill in there your fathers last employement whatever applicable......I mentioned his last reported job before he retired for the same question..... ask your parents to hand over all your documents in a single file to VO, so that he can look into all your documents....each case may be different....no need to consider my inputs even..but donot get worried much of the interview... no one in this forum is a VO...so relying only on these replies wont help...NONE OF THESE REPONSES MAY BE FROM THIER PERSONNEL EXPERIENCES....just assumptions and blah blah ...for me..you have all your valid documetns related to your employment, in case VO needs , she\he only verifies W2,Employemt letters..if you are here on a Job....again, donot worry much...happily attend your interviw.with wahtever docs you have......enough of getting worried! gud luck
  2. opth1gc

    Help Regarding I134

    ram 1986, its simple, your wife i s not even on h4 and not even in US...just go ahead and mention NONE as your dependednts.... we are talking about answeirng a question in i-134..not whether its meaningfiul or not.......or something else... my parents got visa on 25th yesterday...dont worry much,..go ahead and sponsor your parents...i sponsored my parents..VO just verified only my documents...NONE of them were notarised....ofcourse each case may be different..but donot worry of misleadng replies ....first things first...donot rely on the forum replies(including myne)...just try your best.....no one replyinjg here attends Visa interviews , so they seems knows nothing....YES., My parents got VISA , and VO only saw my docs..I-134 and vO asked who is sponsoring....they mentioned my name...DONOT worry..gud luck :) there may be stories ..but only people who REALLY attends interviews can tell REAL STORY!! all other 'Guess','Think',''Refer to law' STORIES will be helpless... ONE VO may give you VISA, one MAY NOT .....so it depends ...again gud luk
  3. opth1gc

    visitors visa sponsership

    Sam31, This is what happend to me yesterday, My parents visa is approved. intended data has nothing to do, my parents appln says intended travel.,april 20, but they appeared intvw april 25 I sponsored them, sent W2's, I-134,bank verification letters.... and invitation letters etc.NONE of my personnel docs were NOTARIZED...VO just verified docs ONLY that i sent. visa is approved, waiting for passport......i kind of worried looking at responses from people,.....they might have not gone through these situations\interviews at all when they reply...they go by assumptions .......i dont understand... play as it comes....try your best....dont worry much....each case is different, so once experience (including myne) and once opinion has nothing to do with..., someone's visa interview or anything..go with whatever doc s you have... hope you get this on a positive note. gud luk
  4. rahul412, let time teach you how to be polite to others,,,,,you are just trying to put blame on others ....if one is genuine no one will stop things from happening ...
  5. Hello Folks, can you please review the below draft and let me know if this is OK for an EB2 ? will it Qualifies for EB2? please let me know if anyone got through in EB2 having MS as higher qualification and applied through Job that Qualified under EB2 with similar requirement. will this Ad have any issues related to EB2 classification? Thanks in Advance! Position: Senior Software Systems Developer Requirements: MS in CS, Engg(any) or BS in CS, Engg (any), or rel. and 5 years of exp. Salary: >90k P/Y .
  6. opth1gc

    Successful H1b Visa stamping in Hyderabad

    Hello jaswanth123: can you please share your experience with OFC centre and Visa procesing. How far are they? what is the best landmark that we should ask for going the OFC ? and Visa centre? my parents are appearing for b2, hope this info helps them....
  7. Hello folks, can some one please walk through in detail if any one has recent experience visiting Hyderabad consulate. i've been there in 2012 feb, but , the procedure now looks changed with new OFC and Visa interview as 2-different procedures on different dates. My parents will be attending visa, hope your experiences with new procedures will help them or any one else who are not aware and new to this. Thanks in Advance!
  8. Hi, I 'm working for a preferred vendor of my client , as a full time employee. The vendor i.e, my employer is also willing to sponsor GC. But , as they started process, they ended up saying the job description and minimum requirements as BS,which falls under EB3. But I'm a MS graduate , i would like to be applied under EB2. But, the immigration attorney's are suggesting my company to go with EB3 with BS as min requirements,so that they can avoid any kind of DOL auditing ,that might be an issue if we go with MS. they are also saying that auditing will always be there even with eb2 or eb3. what really is auditing means here in these cases? as per wait times, i donot want to go for EB3 AS I have MS and 2 yrs of exp.( +1 year from current comp) should i opt for another employer? or go with EB3? how to convince employer for EB2? I have h1 period until 2015 october(completes 6 years) thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  9. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts
  10. Hi, how should i understand my status? catx: thanks for the reply: how shoud i understand it? am i on h1 from october 2009..? or as my OPT expires on dec31... should i be considering my h1 as from 2010 jan 1? i dont have 2009 w2. i have 2010 w2.... please can someone shed somelight on this situation? thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the replies: am working now and have w2's for 2010 ,2011 and 2012.....i also got stampled when i visited india in 2012 feb. by the way, now i changed my employer too, been a year. my concern was: i was on OPTA in 2009 and haven ot worked and h1 validiy started from october 2009 (but opt expired dec 31 2009), at this time, can i say that am stil on OPT?(even though i have valid i-797 that states start date as oct 01 2009, can i be on OPT as my OPT ends on dec 31 2009?) also if H1 starts on oct 1 2009, i didnt worked at that time and i dint have w2. will this be an u issue in GC processing? Thanks in advance for your replies....
  12. Hi, I finished my masters in 2008 december: i wan on OPT from jan 1 2009 - thru dec 31 2009 meanwhile, i was approved with H1B , dated from oct1 2009 thru oct 2012. while on OPT i didnt do any job 2009 jan - 2009 dec 31 question: as i got i-797 valid from oct 1 2009 thru oct 2012, am i still on F1\OPT from 2009 october , november,december? i didnt do any job at this time..am i out of status at taht point? i dont have w2 for 2009. am planning for GC processing, how would this effect? Thanks for your time and replys in adv.