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  1. ArjunReddy9

    Question on Job Title for H1B Visa Stamping

    Could someone respond to this please?
  2. Hi All, My Job title in LCA states Senior Software Developer but my Title in my outlook with my employer Says Senior Software Engineer. I had specified Senior Software Engineer in DS-160 as well and the employment verification letter I am supposed to get soon will probably mention Senior Software Engineer as well. Will this be a problem? If VO asks me my Job title, what should I say? Also, do you think it is better to get an employment verification letter that states Senior Software Engineer/Developer? Please advise.
  3. Hi Folks, I recently moved to a new employer about a year back and I am going for my visa stamping in India soon. Previously I was with a consultancy for 12 years and they used to give an envelope with all the documents needed and I did not specifically had to ask for any. Now that I am full time, I am being told I need to request for documents and they will provide them. Can you give me a list of documents I need to get from my employer and any from previous employer as well? Thanks
  4. Hi Folks, Did anyone get visa stamping done at Matamoros, Mexico recently? I am planning to go and get it done. Thanks
  5. ArjunReddy9

    H4 Stamping question

    Hi Folks, If I move employer, do I have to file for my wife's h4 and h4 ead again? Will it be a problem for my wife's stamping if I do not? Also, Do Visa officials require my employer experience letter for my wife's stamping? Please advise
  6. ArjunReddy9

    H4 EAD status on H1B Spouse's job loss

    Thank you..
  7. Can someone respond to this please? Does the new executive order effect this (Application in Progress)? Or is it for new applications only?
  8. Hi All, If a H4 EAD is valid till 2022 and H1 spouse loses his job, and applies for a transfer within 60 days grace period and is in receipt status (Since premium processing is cancelled for now), is the H4 EAD still valid till 2022? Even if the initial I-140 filed for the H1b 8 years back is cancelled? Thanks
  9. Hi Folks, I need some suggestions on how to proceed with my parents green cards. It's been more than a year since we applied and gave biometrics back in January. I know with covid-19 there is a lot of delay but how can we proceed on this other than just wait? Thanks
  10. ArjunReddy9

    Multiple H1s and H4, H4 EAD

    Hi, I applied for my h1 extension in premium along with my wife's h4 and ead and got my h1 approved till December 31'st 2019. My wife's h4 and ead are still pending and she has finished her biometrics screening for h4. I applied for an extension again in premium with my wife's h4 and ead since the previous h1 approval was for a short duration and got it approved for 3 years. My wife gave her biometrics screening again but both the h4 and ead applications are still not approved. Meanwhile, I got an offer from a different company and they have started only my h1b in premium processing without my wife's h4 and ead. Questions we have: 1). Till when can we expect the h4 and ead approval to be if it is approved? Will it be till December 31'st or for 3 years or based on my latest h1b transfer, if I get for 2 years for example, will the h4 and ead be approved till that period? 2). Since I am moving to a different employer, should we file for h4 and ead again? can we not get approval for previous applications? If we have to file them again, how soon should we be doing it?
  11. Hi, We are applying for green card for our mom and we got I-130 approved and applied for I-485 but the packet was returned stating not in good condition (It was all damaged, not sure how). Now, it has been 11 months since our mom came to the U.S which is 5 months more than the regular 6 months. The I-130 approval came to us couple of months back only. I am hearing our mom is considered overstay now. Is that the case and do we have to file for I601A form? Is that the only option we have? Our mom is still in the U.S. What are the chances for it to be approved. Has anyone got it approved before? How do we proceed? We are trying to get professional consultation as well but wanted to see what folks had to say as well. Thanks
  12. Hi, My last H1B was valid till till December 10, this year and when we applied for my H1B, wife's H4 and EAD extensions all together in premium processing, I got my h1b extended till December 31'st of this year :'( My wife has given her finger prints and still did not receive H4 and EAD approval notices yet. Now, I am applying for my H1B extension again. I am being told by our attorneys that we will have to revoke my wife's h4 and end and apply them again. Is that really the case? We hate spending another $2k plus for the H4 and EAD again on top of the premium processing fees for My H1B extension. Any advise here is much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Ok, I will ask my sister to apply for GC for my parents once they are here in the U.S but do they have to stay in the U,S till they get it approved? How long does it take for family based GC?
  14. ArjunReddy9

    Visitor visa documents needed at "Port of Entry"

    Thanks for all ur replies but I am little confused. They will return back of course but my sister wants to sponsor green card for them. Is that wrong?
  15. Hi All, My Parents are coming to USA and we are planning to apply Family based green card for them. Can you please tell us the documents required? Also, is it better to apply for the GC when they are in India or when they are here in the USA on Visiting visa? Also, do they have to stay in the U.S until their Green card is granted? Please let us know. Thanks