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  1. Ok, I will ask my sister to apply for GC for my parents once they are here in the U.S but do they have to stay in the U,S till they get it approved? How long does it take for family based GC?
  2. ArjunReddy9

    Visitor visa documents needed at "Port of Entry"

    Thanks for all ur replies but I am little confused. They will return back of course but my sister wants to sponsor green card for them. Is that wrong?
  3. Hi All, My Parents are coming to USA and we are planning to apply Family based green card for them. Can you please tell us the documents required? Also, is it better to apply for the GC when they are in India or when they are here in the USA on Visiting visa? Also, do they have to stay in the U.S until their Green card is granted? Please let us know. Thanks
  4. Hi All, My Parents are visiting USA soon and I am wondering what all documents they need to get with them so that there are no issues at port of entry. Can you please advise? At this point, I am thinking the below - 1). My H1B extension copy 2). My Employer's verification letter 3). Letter from me inviting my parents and mentioning that I will bear all the costs 4). My 6 month bank statements 5). Round trip tickets print out 6). Insurance print out Please let me know if I need to add anything else to these. Thanks
  5. ArjunReddy9

    H4 and H4 EAD status to F1

    Thanks Shekar..
  6. ArjunReddy9

    H4 and EAD applied together

    Anybody please?
  7. ArjunReddy9

    H4 and EAD applied together

    Anyone guys?
  8. ArjunReddy9

    H4 and H4 EAD status to F1

    Hi All, My wife is on H4 EAD right now but it ends soon. If she wants to join a university and do masters on F1, does she have to apply for "Change of Status" and wait till that is approved? Please advise. Thanks
  9. ArjunReddy9

    H4 and EAD applied together

    Hi Guys, We applied for H4 and EAD extensions together for my wife on September 10’Th and it's been 3 months but there has been no approval. We are hearing that H4 and EAD extensions now can take up till a year. Is that true? If it is, can my wife leave the U.S, get her H4 stamping done and then come back to the U.S and withdraw her old h4 application but still use the old EAD application? Also, her H4 expires December 20’Th. Will she be in valid status with receipt notice? Please advise
  10. ArjunReddy9

    Indian Entry visa extension for my daughter

    So that other folks can be benefited by this. We got our daughter's visa extended by contacting efrro website. They converted her evisa to entry visa with 6 months duration.
  11. ArjunReddy9

    Indian Entry visa extension for my daughter

    Has anybody tried extending it without leaving the country? Please respond. Does EFRRO help here?
  12. Hi, My daughter's entry visa is valid till this October 20th and my H1B which I thought I would get is still in process. Is there a way I can convince the Indian government to extend her visa for a month more (She got it for 2 months)? If so, what do I need to do. Please advise. Thanks
  13. Hi, My H1B was applied recently in premium and then my wife's H4 and EAD was applied with my receipt notice. So my application right now at California center and my wife's at Vermont center. We are being told now that since all 3 have not been applied together, we might not get the H4 and EAD anytime soon. Folks are saying it's going to take more than 3 months to receive them. I got an RFE for my H1B and now we are thinking of revoking the H4 and EAD from Vermont Center and re-apply them along with my RFE documents. to the California center. Will this help at all? Please advice. Thanks
  14. Hi, I am about to apply for my H1B extension in premium processing and I was wondering if I add my wife's h4 and her h4 ead extension along with my application, if it will all be done in premium processing. Like in a month or so. Also, is there something like a h4 or h4 ead premium? What is the best way to approach this? Thanks
  15. ArjunReddy9

    Parents Visiting Visa Question

    Hi, My sister has applied for my parents visiting visa and they got it. Now can I ask them to come to the US instead of my Sister? Can the port of entry be at my city instead of where my sister lives? Do they ask any questions or documents during port of entry and will my parents have to show my sister's or my documents if they do ask any? Thanks