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  1. kkp2208

    Can I change Job While H1b is under RFE

    It would be good to have at least 2 to 3 pay checks and then go for transfer
  2. Thank you for the response. For eg: if I get H1b approval with out I 94, I need to step out and go for stamping and come back right?, if any questions on this stay, any suggestions on best response to provide justification for this stay... etc, Please advise and also any idea if I can travel to Canada or Mexico for stamping or better to go India
  3. Thank you for your note. Nothing mentioned in RFE is about out of status: Below is the summary requested in RFE: 1) H1B after 6yr extention -- I'm eligible as I have been continuously out side of US for more than a year (Dec 2013 thru Aug 2015) 2) LCA proffered position specialty occupation 3) Employee and Employer relationship and 4) Education and experience equivalency. Can you please advise.
  4. Request your input on my current situation: Entered USA and started working on L1A from Sep 2015 until Dec 2016 with Company A, Got H1B lottery and approval (I-94 until Dec 2018) thru Company B Started Jan 2017 started working on H1B with Company B until Jul 2017 In Aug 2017 started working with Company C(end client A) on H1B transfer receipt notice...got RFE in Oct 2017 and DENIED in April 2018. In May 2018 joined Company D applied for H1b transfer (same end client A) for the same project company C as Middle Vendor, started working from May 10, 2018 and got RFE in May 22,2018. what is my current status? Taking utmost care to address all aspects of latest RFE what is the percentage of approval?
  5. Thank you Rick and Joe for your input. Can you please advise if my old H1B employer files amendment or new H1 B transfer or filing new H1, can I start working to that employer without travelling out of country?. Also Emp B H1B(old employer) do they need 2 to 3 months recent paystubs from Emp B(old employer) to reinstate and apply H1b amendment or can they use Emp C H1B recent paystubs.
  6. Need your guidance in below situation. I entered USA with Emp A in 2015 Sep on L1A visa. filed for H1B thru Emp B, in Dec 2016 got I-797 and I-94 upto Dec 2018 Started working for H1B employer from Jan 2017. In Jul 2017 accepted offer from Emp C Started H1b Transfer Regular processing and Started working(around 9months) with Emp C from Aug 2017 onwards on Receipt notice. Oct 2017 got RFE, Jan 2018 RFE responded. Apr 2018 H1B transfer got denied. EMP B H1B is not revoked. Need your input on below questions. Since Emp C H1B transfer got denied, what are my available options. Can I fall back on Emp B H1B which is valid till Dec 2018 for the same customer working at the same location with Emp C as prime vendor and provide service to the same customer. Started working with Emp C from Aug 2017 onwards on Receipt notice. Now to Fall back on Emp B H1B(old employer) do they need 2 to 3 months recent paystubs from Emp B(old employer) to reinstate and apply H1b amendment or can they use Emp C H1B recent paystubs. Denial notice date is April, 2018 - says position not justifying specialized occupation, common or unique, Degree is required justification..etc now if Emp B(old employer) applies for amendment to reinstate me, if I go with good attorney and documents how the chances to get approved since the client is same location and Emp C as prime vendor. Denial notice date is April, 2018 - How long I can stay since I have valid I-94 till Dec 2018.
  7. kkp2208

    H1B Transfer help

    Dear All, in the year 2016 I was working on L1 Visa with one of the giant consulting company from India, one employer A(small consulting firm) filed H1b Visa(L1 to H1 CoS), The I-797 document having the Employer name A, I started working for employer A from Dec 2016, now Employer A generating my pay slips with a different company name B, when I asked, my employer saying that the organization A merged / acquired and rebranding with B, so the payslips are running with new company B, and filing H1B amendment...etc. Meanwhile I got an offer from a Non profit employer C(reputed us company), who is willing to do H1B transfer not premium. need to submit documents to Employer C, Need help on below questions: I-797 is having employer name A, and payslips has employer name B, in this situation will there be any issue with H1B transfer with employer C?, What kind of issues or additional documents uscis may ask, getting RFE or reject...etc regarding I797 employer name vs Payslip name mismatch? employer C asked to join as soon as they receive the receipt number, since now H1B transfer process is taking more than 6months, by the time uscis responds I will be working for employer C for around 6 months, is there any chance no questions on previous company and max chances are getting approval since it is reputed firm. pls share your thoughts? if I need to travel out of country can I travel during H1b transfer in progress?
  8. kkp2208

    H1 B filing - 2015

    Dear Murthy sir, I am planning to process H1B with 2015 cap with emp B. I've already worked 5yrs in US on L1B status with emp A and returned to home country in Dec - 2013, with my new H1B processing, if it picks in lottery, for how much period H1 can be issued? If I put the start date as Dec - 2014 or Jan - 2015, can I get H1 visa for 3yrs. Kindly advise pls let me know of any questions. Thanks, Kumar
  9. completing 5yrs on L1 in Feb 2014 and leaving to India, if I apply H1B in 2015 if it get picked How much time can I get on H1B? Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  10. kkp2208

    L1 Total Stay

    Thanks for your reply Joe, Can you pls advise is there any total time limit staying on two L1b visas.
  11. kkp2208

    L1 Total Stay

    Dear Murthy sir, I came on L1B visa in 2008 and back to India in 2010, only 4 months left in this Visa. And again traveled on another Fresh L1B visa in 2011 and it is expiring in 2014. If I apply for L1 to H1 COS against 2014 H1 quota, Can I stay more than 6years?. What is the total stay on a work visa? How Total stay will be calculated, is it total no.of days on both the L1b visas or one L1b visa Kindly advise Thank you.