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  1. Here are all of my questions One of my cousin is planning to visit to US for his summer holidays (around 45 days). He is studying undergrad and is in his 2nd year. He still has 2 year of undergrad studies.My cousin's visit is strictly for tourist purposes and he intend to return back for further studies and take over his dad's business. 1) What is the risk involved or percentage of risk in obtaining a visitor visa for my cousin? Is it a good idea for him to visit USA now? Also his parents are not going for visa at this time. Is that OK? 2) If we decided to try visitor visa for my cousin, Is it better for me to sponsor (affidavit of support) or my uncle(cousin's dad) to sponsor him? I did read in some forums that in these situations individual sponsor (or his dad sponsoring him) is better. Also, my uncle(cousin's dad) own a company. So is it better that his dad sponsor's him than me sending the sponsor's documents? 3) If its better that his dad sponsor's him, Do I have to send any additional documents other than "Invitation Letter" in this case? 4) If its better that someone other than his dad sponsor him, my cousin has another relative. He shares his last name with this other cousin & his other cousin also has a GC (Green Card). However, I do not share his last name and I am on H1B. Is it better that his other cousin sponsor (affidavit of support) him since he shares his last name? 5) If its better that someone other than his dad sponsor him, will it be any advantage if both of his cousin's (me & his other cousin) sponsor him at the same time? Will this be better than only me sponsoring him? In this case, do both of us have to send all the relevant sponsor's documents (affidavit of support etc)?
  2. 1) I am planning to sponsor for my cousin (who doesn't share my last name) for a tourist visa in his summer holidays. He is in undergrad and completed 2 years. He still has 2 years of undergrad. Is that OK to sponsor him at this time or is Individual sponsor a better option. 2) I am on H1B visa. He also has 2 other uncles who have green cards and can sponsor him, one of which shares his last name. Can we all 3 sponsor him or just me or just the one who shares his last name? Who is better. Gurus please answer these basic questions.