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  1. This is issue is for my brother and family, who have EAD and they have been renewing it since 2008. They had initially AP for 1 year and after that there was no need and they did not apply. And with cost savings in mind, did not opt for applying AP every year Even now we can apply if this is a must for a trip to Canada and/or some urgent travel outside US is required. To the other question. H1-B is long expired. almost 5 years now. He is on AOS status. for long now. so what I see is AP is a must even for vacations to Canada etc.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response and suggestion. We will apply for the visitors visa very soon. but I guess NO AP is required to re-enter US from Canada right? does the mode of travel ( AIR vs. Road/car) make any difference to the rule above? meaning do we need AP of we travel by Air to Canada? or EAD is good enough ? Thanks again for your help in this regard. Best
  3. We have EAD EB3- AOS pending NO AP documents Can we Travel to Canada for a short summer visit/vacation? also do we need a visit visa to enter Canada? Thanks in advance