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  1. SUDPS

    First H1B Stamping after 4 years

    Thanks for your reply Pontevecchio. Experts if you have any other answer, please let me know.
  2. Hi, Krishnan.1000 and Gurudev79, I'm in the same situation like you and would like to know if it is an issue going for H1B stamping for the first time in spite of having multiple H1B renewals. Have visited India while on F1, student visa..but not after getting into H1B. Its a very very long time that I visited Inida. I have an interview scheduled soon and please let me know what should I say when they ask why I didn't visit India for this long??
  3. Guys, I have H1B visa interview in February in Canada. I have not gone for the H1B Stamping after I got converted from F1, student to H1B. I did visit India as a student but have not gone out of country after I got into H1B and its been very very long time that I visited India. Do you think that its an issue during the stamping???? And what should I answer if they ask why I didn't go to the home country for so long????