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  1. Hi, I may have the same questions like most of them. All I have seen here are the people from India with engineering degrees. I have done Bachelor degree in Commerce (B.Com) from India and M.B.A ( Accounting ) from USA. I wanted to know what exactly does extraordinary ability means. If all that it means is about the qualifications and degrees , then I would like to know that being a person from accounting background, If i obtain professional certifications like Certified Public Accountant , Certified Management Accountant and other such premier qualifications in my field of work ( which are treated to be highest professional certifications in that area of specialization) be treated/considered for being qualified as extraordinary ability. I have written to few attorneys and most of the replies that i have got are that they aren't sure as they have not come across such situations. Regards, Avinash
  2. hi, I am presently a MBA student in USA and I along with my american classmates intend to start a accounting and tax firm in USA. I want to know if there is any opportunity that i can apply for gc or how can i legally be a partner of that firm. Would there be a positive effect if i am a licensed CPA or hold any other professional qualifications Regards AM
  3. awyn

    student visa stamping

    hi, I initially came on a visiting visa and got change of status to f1. now i want to get visa stamping done. can i go to Canada or mexico or any other country rather than the home country to get it done as i cannot afford to miss classes
  4. awyn

    stamping of f1after change of status

    Thanks for d info
  5. awyn

    stamping of f1after change of status

    Ooh is it... I wud consider ths
  6. I would like to how do i get stamping of visa done after i change the status from b1/b2 to f1 without going back to india. Can i go to any other country?
  7. so my understanding is that even if someone is ready to sponsor h1 i cant stay in here after may 26 as my I94 would expire. i should go back to INDIA and then come back after getting the H1visa stamped. my query is now with f1 visa : A situation where i have a valid I20 with me and the college starts in the first week of may 2013 (summer semester), can i change my status to f1 ? P.S : How do i connect to a attorney- PL advice on this as well :)
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am Accounts and Finance professional first scenario - i am still in negotiations with my employer and trying to get it done. my confusion is all about if there is a provision for converting into H1b, how do i start the process and also will my stay be legal after may 26 (which is the last date on I 94) ? Second scenario : just in case if i cant go for H1b and i have a valid I-20 what is that i need to do !
  9. Hi, i am in usa on b1 /b2 status. i would like to know if there is any provision that can help me in changing my status - yes or no My first preference is h1b, if thats not possible then f1. The last date on my i94 is may26.