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  1. vinuthguru

    H1B Transfer - Pending DUI

    Thanks for your replies. My change of employer petition got approved.
  2. vinuthguru

    H1B Transfer - Pending DUI

    Hi, I am on H1B and was arrested for DUI (No Accidents). Case is still pending (Prosecutor is offering plea bargain to wet reckless). I got an offer from another company and have filed for H1B transfer. Will the pending case have any impact on H1B transfer approval?
  3. vinuthguru

    Prudential Visa Revocation - DUI on H1b

    Since the case is still pending, Immigration attorney suggested me to not travel. I followed their advice.
  4. @kksk can you please update about the out come of the transfer petition.
  5. vinuthguru

    Prudential Visa Revocation - DUI on H1b

    I do have an criminal attorney working on my case but not immigration attorney.
  6. vinuthguru

    Prudential Visa Revocation - DUI on H1b

    I don't know. My lawyer said ideally they shouldn't press charges but DA has one year to file. The reason they arrested me in the first place was my breath test result which was borderline.
  7. vinuthguru

    Prudential Visa Revocation - DUI on H1b

    I know that would have been ideal. However DA has not even filed any charges yet. Mine was a simple DUI with no accidents and even my BAC after blood test shows it was under legal limit.
  8. Hi, I am here in US on H1b. My H1b visa is valid till August 2017 ( got h1b stamping in 2014). I was recently arrested (November 2015) for DUI in California but my case is still ongoing (not convicted). I have read couple of posts on visa revocation due to dui arrests. I have not received any communication from the US consulate regarding my visa status after my arrest and I need to travel to India for my sister's wedding end of April but I am concerned because of the fact that I do not know if I should reappear for visa interview or if my visa is still valid. I am in a real dilemma regarding my travel and it would be great if you can help me with some valuable suggestions. Thanks.
  9. I will be in calgary on 18th feb for my visa interview on 19th feb. Anybody willing to share accommodation can email me at vinuth.sfa@gmail.com. Good Luck:)