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  1. Hi, The online status of my 485 petition is "Case Was Received At My Local Office". What does that actually mean? My case is employment based and the priority date is current. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hi, I am asking this question on behalf of my employer. Is it possible to change Attorney in the middle of H1B transfer process to handle RFE? Thanks
  3. Hello, I want to transfer H1B to Employer-B. But with Employer-A, there is an amendment petition filed and USCIS may take 2 more months to complete the process. At this stage, can I move to Employer-B? Or, should I wait until the amendment process completes with Employer-A? Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hello, Employer-A currently holds my H1B. Employer-B wants to have me transferred to them. Prior to that I need to find another project. Both A and B are consulting company. Project with A is rolling over. Before the next project, the h1b transfer should happen. What is the fastest this transfer can be done so that I can start the new project with B. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Thanks for responding. At what point through the GC process, the 2 application would conflict? I am imagining a situation where the authority (DOL or USCIS) finds out that there are 2 application for a same person and reject both or at least one. Please advice Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Can 2 employers do perm filing separately and around same time? The situation is, filing with employer A is being delayed. But I don't want to waste time and start the process with a prospective employer B. So, a situation may appear when DOL would find 2 applications on my name. Would that be a problem? Thanks for your comments.
  7. rhanik

    Resident or Non resident alien

    I called USCIS .. answer is RA Thanks
  8. rhanik

    GC - Switch Employer while Perm filed

    Is there an answer on the above question asked? Thanks
  9. Hi, This is probably a basic question. Say company A files my perm and it gets approved. At this phase, can I go to company B and file 140? If I go to company B anyway, do I have to start the whole process all over again? Appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, My client got changed about six months back. Still the H1B amendment petition is not done. Would that be a problem for H1B status? Thanks for giving advice.
  11. rhanik

    Does buying a house facilitate GC?

    Thanks to all for confirming
  12. Hi, I came on F1, completed MS, OPT and first year of H1B. Now, am I a resident alien or still a non resident alien? Please help me to understand.
  13. Hello friends, I have heard that recently a new law has come out saying that buying a house can be a way to have GC. I have not found anything on internet as such. Could anyone give confirmation please?