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  1. vishnu586

    H1B Stamping Calgary

    Hi all, Time to repay. Sorry for delay reply. Calgary is the best. No documents were asked. My interview was on 14 Jan. 1. Since when you are working. 2. Will you work with same employer. 3. Is your employer paying on time. 4. Highest degree. 5. Major. 6. Which university. 7. Who is the client 8. What do they do. 9. What are my roles and responsibilities. 10. It seems your immigrant ppetition already applied. Good.
  2. vishnu586

    First time H1B stamping

    Not all countries allows First time h1B stampings See the eligibility to apply for the visa in the forign country in their official websites respectively EX: For Mexico, Need to have the h1B stamped in home country previously EX: Canada, Need to have the h1B stamped in home country previously (or) Done masters in US
  3. vishnu586

    ds-160 where do you intend to work?

    Address : Client Phone No: I gave my desk number.
  4. vishnu586

    Trip for I 94

    No i94 means not in status to stay in US
  5. As far my knowledge, Mention the address where you are currently working (B), but make sure your LCA and I129 has this address mentioned, and support the documnets of working at Client place ie B.
  6. vishnu586

    H1B Dates not available for Calagary

    Yes, why not.... As far as I know, Consulates in Calgary, Vancouver, Kingston are not asking too many complex questions compared to those in India.
  7. vishnu586

    H1B Stamping Dates in Montreal,Halifax and Quebec City

    I dont think Quebec city is still issuing h1b visas. Just find out iff the same thing for other 2 too.
  8. Sorry, the above post is for calgary, not vancouver
  9. Hi, There is a couple who can(if the rooms are empty) provide you with accommodation and food with some charges. Email me if you dont find anyone, I can provide the contact details of them.
  10. vishnu586

    H1B Stamping in INDIA - Need help

    No Client letter, Multiple vendors, Stamping in India................ Better avoid ........
  11. vishnu586

    DS 160 Where do you intend to work?

    Some people put the employer address and some client location address. I think it should be the place where we are currently working i.e. client address. Lets see what others say.
  12. vishnu586

    Help needed in filling DS160 form

    The answer is yes if I140 is FILED.
  13. Hi, Any body interested for female accomodation at Ramada inn hotel near us consulate in calgary from jan 12-jan14,2014. Planning to book the hotel if any female is willing to share. Please reply ASAP
  14. vishnu586

    H1B stamping today i797

    Its normal and passport, I797(like i20 in case of F1 visa) will be returned together.