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  1. gcseeker2013

    H1B after 6+ years

    Thank you for your responses. The company that sponsored my I-140 discontinued operations in 2016. Does the 180 day rule still hold good? I believe the USCIS Job Portability Rule took effect on Jan 2017.
  2. gcseeker2013

    H1B after 6+ years

    I worked on H1B for 6+ years as I had approved I-140. Later the company that petitioned my I140 shut down and I left for India. After working in India for 3 years I now have a job opportunity in the US. My question is:1)Can I apply for H1B visa?2)Will my application be subject to cap?3)Can I apply under Master's quota as I have US master's degree? 4) Do I have to undergo consular processing? 5) Is it a good idea to travel on B1/B2 and then apply for change of status? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. gcseeker2013

    12+3+2 degree

    I have 12+3+2 degree from my home country. Am I treated bachelor's equiv for EB2? Is it true that these days it is difficult to qualify for EB2 with combination of 'eqvt.' degress or diplomas?
  4. gcseeker2013

    US master's equiv. for EB2

    1)I have 12+3+2 year education from my home country. If I pursue a 1 year online master's degree from accredited university in US, will my education be considered US master's equivalent, to be eligible for EB2? 2)If answer to above is 'yes' and if minimum requirement for EB2 perm is master's plus 2 year work experience, can 2 year work experience gained prior to receiving 1 year US master's degree count for EB2?
  5. Has anyone here successfully changed jobs after six years on H1B? Is it very risky because what if old employer cancels I-140 before new employer gets H1B approval? Are there any work arounds for this?
  6. gcseeker2013

    employer change after I-140 approved

    Thanks for your reply. Just so I understand this correctly, if I change jobs after my H1B extension based on approved I-140 is approved, I get 3 years of H1B regardless of whether my I-140 is revoked by employer? So that means it is safer to change jobs after Sep 2013. Is my understanding correct?
  7. gcseeker2013

    employer change after I-140 approved

    Please advise. Thanks.
  8. gcseeker2013

    re-entering US by road - I-94 surrender?

    I already have a stamped visa on my passport. Does that mean I do not have to submit I-94. I read on the back of the form that I need to surrender I-94 form when departing US
  9. gcseeker2013

    employer change after I-140 approved

    My I-140 is approved and my six year H1B expires in Sep 2013. I understand I can file H1B extension for 3 years since my I-140 is approved and I will have to go through labor and I-140 process again with the new company. My question is can I change my job after Sep 2013 after receiving H1B extension? Will I be able to transfer H1B to new company?