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  1. vkgandhi84

    Need help - Visitor Visa

    Thanks for the direction. I have few questions. Should we file/sponsor visa to our parents or they should do it by themselves? I mean to ask which of this scenario has higher chances of getting visa approved? Siblings are settled in good jobs. Can we file/sponsor for them as well? Can some one please provide me some guidance?
  2. vkgandhi84

    Need help - Visitor Visa

    Hi, My wife and I both are on H1-B visa. We would like our parents to come here and stay with us. Is visitor visa the best option? If yes, what are the basic steps? How and when should I start the process? Should we sponsor them or they should be their own sponsors? Can we sponsor visitor visa for our siblings as well? I have a younger brother. My wife has an elder brother, an elder sister and a younger sister. Any help and guidance is really appreciated.
  3. vkgandhi84

    Last name change on I-94 after marriage.

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. My wife has an Indian passport and we did not change her last name on passport yet. Is this something we need to do before we can proceed or there are alternatives?
  4. I actually have few more questions after having conversation with my employer about this process. I was asked if I am aware that employer needs to pay me prevailing wage for this filing. And I am not sure what exactly it is. Can some one please provide me some guidance on what actually it is? How does it affect GC application for me? How do I find out what prevailing wage will employer need to offer me? - I am not sure if I am already getting it or they'll have to think about it in case it will be much more higher than what I am getting right now. I am little concern because a big increase might affect their decision to file GC for me. Thank you again for previous guidance and looking for some more comments on this question.
  5. Hi, I tried to search for a topic that answers my questions, but couldn't find proper match yet and thought to post it in case some one can help me. I got married in India about two months ago. My wife and I both are here on H1B. She wants to change her last name which requires the change of last name on SSN first. Now, this requires her new last name on I-94 which is not the case. Her last name on I-94 is the one she had before marriage. I have following questions in regardance with this issue: 1. How can we change her last name on I-94 and if doing so will update all of her immigration related records? 2. I realized that her I-797 (approval of H1 filing), passport and visa stamp still reflects her last name from before marrige. Will this cause any issue if her name is changed to new one on I-94 and then she wants to visit India and come back while still during same H1B period? 3. What needs to be done if her company needs to file H1B renewal with her new name? I'll appreciate any help and guidance on this. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, This information was very very useful. Thank you so much for the guidance.
  7. Thank you so much for the guidance. This indeed is very helpful. I did little more research on my own and trying to resolve a few queries about priority date. What exactly the priority date mean? I found a docuemnt from USCIS website that keeps updated list of priority dates for every month where I saw priority date is 8 years behind current date. What does this represent? Thank you again for the previous replies.
  8. Hi, I'd like to provide some back story and enough information before asking questions. I work for a private but non-profit institute. I got my Master degree in Computer Science from the same university and after that, university hired me as Systems Analyst / E-Mail Specialist. My H1B started in December 2010. I figured that most of my friends already filed for GC and I was left behind. This made me curious and found out from know sources that its usually a queue that holds GC file (EB-2 category) which is behind 4 years from present time. So, I requested my employer to file my GC and they are suggesting me that we still have enough time and we can still renew H1B by the end of 2013. They are also saying that we can file for GC in year 2015. I have following questions about this and I'll really really appreciate if someone can guide me over this. 1) What could be the reason for not filing GC now and delaying it upto 2015? I have extra certification in the field of security that I believe is surely an advantage for us as I work for University I.T. Security department. 2) Will it be too late to file in 2015? 3) What is usually a reasonable time for both the employer and an employee to start GC process after employee gets H1B? 4) Are rules for private/government non-profit universities (employers) different than those for corporate employers in terms of filing GC for their employees? 5) Can I renew my H1B second time once I used up all 6 years on H1B (including first renewal)? If yes, how and under what conditions? Thanks again for taking time to read my very descriptive post and attempting to answer my questions.