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  1. I have approved I-140 and am currently working on H1 visa in the US. Now if I take up an offer with one international organization, I would need to switch to G4 visa. I have got a couple of questions - 1) If I switch to G4, would the I-140 still remain valid? As I understand, because of the new rule the employer cannot revoke the I-140 any longer. But I have also come to know that green cards need to be surrendered before switching to G4 so since I-140 is part of the GC process, does that get automatically cancelled if status changes to G4? 2) If after few years I want to switch back to H1B, would I qualify as cap exempt because of the approved I-140? Is there any time limit by when the switch has to be made?
  2. Hi I have appointment on 25 Jan.. Let me know you guys interested for sharing the accommodation. please mail me on raaz.rai.sap@gmail.com if interested.
  3. robinhood007

    Travel on L1 after H1 approved - Urgent

    Please help, I am in the same boat currently, Can u please help me by answering my question. Currently i am in US and My H1 is Approved in dec 2012 and got my I-797 with new I-94. My L1 is valid till April 2013 and i need to travel urgently India on Jan 2013 and Come back in Feb 2013. My Question is Can i am able to come back on L1? if yes than what happned to my H1 status, can i again apply COS to H1? Appreciate your help in advance.
  4. HI, Can some one please let me know what are the current dates available in Canada Ottawa? thanks
  5. robinhood007

    H1 Approved from L1 India travel

    Please help!!!!!!!!! I am on L1B VISA with company A and this is valid till March 30, 2013. Company B has filed H1 in April 2012 with change of status and this has been approved on Dec 15 2012. Now I have to go to India in Last week of Jan-2013 and Return USA on feb 10 2013 with urgent family commitment. Questions :- 1) What will happen to my L1B as now my H1B petition is approved? Does my L1B VISA get voided? 2) Do I have to go for stamping, I don’t want to do so because as there is more chances of rejections now a days. Can I go to India on my L1B VISA and return back on same without stamping even my H1B petition is approved? 3) Can I do Stamping in Canada? 3) If I go for stamping and my H1B (COS) is not approved then will I be able to return to USA on my L1B Visa?