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  1. Foreigner2012

    221-G in Ottawa June 4th

    To get an accurate status of your case, contact the Dept Of State. I have confirmed with them that for many cases the ceac site is showing an incorrect status of "refused" even though case is still pending. They mentioned that there is work going on their website and hence many cases are showing an incorrect status. They have access to the "admin" side of things which shows accurate status....
  2. Foreigner2012

    221g white hyderabad, questionnaire 2013 tracker

    Can you grab a similar list of case numbers from 2012? Or you can point me to a site where I can get this info from. Also I need this list from Hyderabad consulate so I can see how many are waiting like me for 6+ months as its been 9+ months for me now
  3. Hi Folks, I have been waiting for 9+ months for administrative processing since my interview in August 2012. Today the status changed for the first time to "Refused" on the CEAC status check site. I called DOS and they said it must be a system error and said that at their end it still shows as administrative processing. What I need to know from any of you here is if this is common? I mean do you know cases where the case changed from "Admin processing" to "Refused" and then back to either "admin processing" or "approved". I am freaking out about this as like anyone else I did not expect this. I work for a huge corporation and this isnt my first H1B stamping. No issues the last time I got this done in canada a few years back. Also I am a full time employee. Only possible reason for my 221g was background/name security check cuz of my common muslim name. I know folks for whom it took much longer too but eventually they got the visa. My company's law firm is also very huge and highly credible. Went through official and genuine processing throughout my employment sponsorship, I797's etc... Any info would be helpful...
  4. Foreigner2012

    221g Blue Slip @ Mumbai Consulate - 90 Days

    I had an interview (not my first H1B stamping) on Aug 24th 2012. I have been waiting for approx 9months now under the same "administrative processing". They have kept my passport & 797. Asked for some basic questions that I responded the same day. Read more about my case in the topics I have initiated from my profile......
  5. Your case is under processing at the US consulate in Canada and it will remain like that till the case is resolved. you can travel to India during this time and when the processing is complete you will get an email to submit your passport and you'll have to fly back to Canada for the stamping. ( i hope you have multiple entry visa for Canada). Now if you "withdraw" your case completely from the Consulate in Canada, then you'll need to reapply from India, but most likely it will be under 221g from there as well and the same process from the beginning....
  6. Foreigner2012

    120+ Days in White 221(g) for H1b @ Vancouver

    @humami1on It doesnt matter where you apply from. If your case was put in 221g at a US consulate in canada, it will most likely be put under administrative processing at any consulate in India as well. As a matter of fact it might start from the begining and you'll waste the time you have already spent waiting. what you can do is request for your passport back and travel back to India. when they complete your case, they'll send an email requesting for passport to be submitted for stamping and you can fly back. its pricey cuz of tickets etc but as there is not even an approx ETA given by them, it could be the best option. I have been waiting for 8months and 12 days now..... If you are a contractor, i've heard that for many cases they contact the employer after approx 6months and ask if you still have a project and based on the response process your case. Again each case is diff but as I have been waiting for so long I have researched a lot and found these real time scenarios. It doesnt help me though as I am a full time employee.... good luck!!
  7. To all, My interview was in Hyd india. I have a common muslim name. Not sure if my name is on their list, because the last time I went for stamping a few years back for H1 and F1 before that, I never had this issue. its just bad luck I guess that they put in 221g this time and that its taking this much time. I work full time for a very big company and am working from Hyd while I am stuck here. Either way, waiting this long is v frustrating and overwhelming. The intvw was very short and positive. Not many questions asked just basic what you do etc....as I am full time they did not ask for any letters, company docs etc. As a matter of fact the VO in the end said that "everything looks good here and I will issue you the visa but before that your application needs to go through some additional processing". They kept my passport & original 797. Got an email to answer basic questions including my travel dates in last 5 years from/to US. My lawyers etc all think that there is no reason for them to do that except the background and name check. The DOS has been contacted a couple of times by my employers, and once also from my local US Senator. I also came across and spoke with another person from Hyd with a common muslim name and it took his case 1 year and 3 days. It finally came this Feb and he flew back....I just hope I am not in that category even though its been approx 8 months now. Also I do not think changing the consular post will make any big difference. If it has to go to 221g it will, no matter where you apply from. You can see these forums for example...221g are ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I do think that this is NOT right. I am not saying they shouldnt do background checks etc. Sure, follow the rules, but taking this long for a response that too for a person who has had a VERY clean record with everything ever since i've been in US, thats not fair. They dont have any process in place for expediting. When you ask for any thing or any updates or who currently has the file etc, the support folks just keep sending you the SAME info each time (its still pending...bla bla....you can check your status...bla bla) like we dont know the basics and the DOS say that under INA laws they cant disclose any info, even to the primary applicant. They should know that some big employers already perform checks before hirirng especially for full time employees etc. And if they still need to, sure, take my social Security # and run it through. That shouldnt days or months!!! I am paying taxes, insurance, mortgage etc for months and stuck out of the country spending money here as well....pathetic on their behalf!!! Enough of my frustration :-) good luck to all you folks!!
  8. I hope you have a multiple entry visa for Canada. If yes, you can request for your passports back and travel to India. That doesnt not close your case as it will still be under administrative processing. Once your visa is issued you will get an email to submit your passports to the consulate for stamping in which case you'll need to fly back to canada and get that taken care of. After that you should be able to travel back to US without issues. 221g can take any no. of days, weeks or months. Depends on each individual case and circumstances. However, a lot of them are processed in the first 60 days. Good luck!! I however have been waiting for approx 8 months now :-)
  9. Foreigner2012

    221 g white slip from hyderabad with questionnaire

    @hyd221g_cmn Congratulations. I am glad you didnt have to go through what I have to.....good luck and have a safe flight back! :-)
  10. Foreigner2012

    120+ Days in White 221(g) for H1b @ Vancouver

    I too am waiting for a response for my "administrative processing". I have been waiting for 7months and 10 days......still waiting. however my interview was in Hyderabad. My first H1B stamp was in vancouver a few years back and I never had such an issue before.
  11. Foreigner2012

    Confusion on Status shown in ceac.state.gov

    No, my "case update date" did not change since Nov 5th 2012. Thats the last date I have seen on ceac site. And my case still says "administrative processing". I have tried on these forums and even searched on other sites to get an exact answer to what that date actually means but I havent got that info. Every person has their own version of what that means and no one has a definitive answer. I will send you a sample email from my personal account tomorrow i.e. after I log off work today.
  12. Foreigner2012

    221 g white slip from hyderabad with questionnaire

    I think there is nothing to worry about for the first 60 days as most of them do infact get the clearance during that time. However if that exceeds 2 months and then 4months is when it can get real ugly. again not trying to scare you but stay calm for the first 60days and it will turn out ok for you. It's a matter of having patience and keep good relations with your boss. good luck and keep us posted.
  13. Foreigner2012

    Confusion on Status shown in ceac.state.gov

    @Garry.221g, I am still waiting man. 7months and 10 days today.....I have had my law firm send a couple of inquiries on my behalf. and recently even asked my local senator in US to help. I heard that it doesnt expedite the process but atleast in DOS database an inquiry like that gets logged hence maybe a good thing. However, so far all I have got from them is that they are trying their best to wrap up pending cases, but still couldnt give even an approximate ETA. lets see..... my id is *****************at gmail....
  14. I dont think the "Case Update Date" means that your visa has been issued. That date changes if/when your case was reviewed, checked, returned to/from US consulate or DOS etc. My interview date was Aug24 2012....case update date is Nov 5 2012....and I am still waiting for the processing to complete. Status still shows pending.....7months and counting!
  15. Foreigner2012

    221 g white slip from hyderabad with questionnaire

    @hyd221g_cmn I too work as an FTE for a major company and have a masters from US as well. My interview was on AUg24th 2012. I have had previous H1B stampings without issues. This time too interview was very short and positive. The VO lady said that "I am issuing your visa but your application needs to go through some additional administrative processing". I got an email to submit my resume and previous exit/entry to US information which I provided the same day. It has been 7months this March24th and I am still waiting for that processing to complete. Not trying to scare you but just an FYI about my case. I came across many folks who got the clearance in approx 60days. 1 guy I know was stuck in Hyd for 1 year and 3 days...he just flew back this february. I am hoping I do not fall in the same category.....good luck and keep us posted with any updates from your end.