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  1. sharks

    Name Change

    Hi I am planning to change my last name to my wife's last name. I am planning to do with my US citizenship application process. After this, how to update my name in India. How to change my name, status in OIC card. Anyone who has done this, please provide your experiences and do's/dont's Thanks.
  2. Hi I am an indian citizin with GC. I am trying to apply OIC card for my foreign spouse and child. I am also applying US citizenship this year October. Is it good to wait until I get US citizenship? What is the process for updating OIC card for spouse and kid after becoming US citizen. Thank you
  3. Apoointment is not needed for dropbox. I inquired about it at chennai consulate. This is what they replied, "With regards to your query, we would like to inform you that, applicant may walk in to "Team Stanley" office Mon-Fri 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM to drop the documents"
  4. Hello, I got H1B extension and I am going to Chennai for VISA stamping. I am eligible for Drop Box option. I have two questions. 1. I uploaded my digital photo while I start the DS 160. At the confirmation page, It shows "Photo will be taken at the ASC". I am only coming to Stanley office to drop my application and passport. I will bring two copies of my photos. Will Stanley office take the digital photo? 2. Do you need appointment for dropping my application and passport at Stanley Office? Or Can I walk-in anytime? Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. sharks

    When to upload photo in DS-160?

    guys, I have the same problem. I uploaded the photo first and continued the application. At the end, the confirmation page shows "Photo will be taken at the ASC". I am not going for finger printing since I am eligible for dropbox. Will they take photo at Dropbox office?
  6. Hello Vicky! Is appointment needed for dropbox? Did you opt for passport pickup or by bluedart courier? I am planning drop box on Jan 21 but I made plan to go another country by Jan 28.
  7. sharks

    Interview waiver program (IWP)

    @bapatla: Aren't you eligible for drop box? I got my previous visa after 2008 so I am eligible for drop box. Anyone know if appointment needed for drop box?
  8. sharks

    DS160 - Photo will be taken at ASC

    any update? did you guys sucesssfully completed the interview
  9. sharks

    anyone opted for interview waiver?

    I am sorry to hear you painful experience. It is painful when they rejected the visa for no reason. I hope you will get your passport soon and will get back to US.
  10. sharks

    Interview Waiver Program

    Yes. Please make sure you met all the criteria for dropbox. You dont need to make appointment. You simply drop your passport with DS-160, dropbox confirmation letter and other supporting documents.
  11. sharks

    MRV Fee Receipt Number

    Terishka, You have to make another payment. You have to generate another CGI reference number and have to pay the fee for that number. The waiver is only for the people who wants renew the visa (with some constraints)
  12. Hello I am opting for drop box option. I am meeting all the criteria. I am planning to drop off at Chennai on Jan 20. I have to complete the application. I am waiting for my friend to make payment at Chennai. Please SHARE your experience if anyone successfully completed the process.
  13. sharks

    Interview waiver program (IWP)

    I do have same question. One guy from Ahmadabad said he got it back in a week. I hope it should be sooner than that
  14. Thank you all posts. I decided to go to chennai. It is not easy to get this in Canada within couple of weeks
  15. I am planning to go. I have to get my canada visa first which i am planning 12/27. Then i have to check or dates around Jan 10