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  1. My Wife works on H4 EAD and her visa expires this week. Her Company takes care of our health insurance and the company said that it will be taking care of our health insurance while we are waiting for her H4 EAD approval, though she cannot work(she will be on leave of absence). The HR said that they consulted their lawyer and they can provide health insurance. Anyone has any idea if it is ok to get benefits when H4 EAD employee is waiting for EAD approval? Please reply if anyone of you went through the same scenario. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ramnath

    Visitor visa extending stay

    Thanks everyone for pitching in with suggestions, Visitor Visa extension got approved in less than 2 months.
  3. Ramnath

    Visitor visa extending stay

    What do you mean by not relevant? I am sponsoring her, so I am attaching the proofs for my income. I understand its risky under the current circumstances.
  4. Ramnath

    Visitor visa extending stay

    I am planning to extend my mother in law's stay for another 6 months. She is here for 4 months and her I-94 expires on June 2nd. I have questions about documentation. I have filled I 539 form and included a letter stating that she wants to extend her visa for tourism purposes. I will be taking care of her expenses. Should I be filling I 134(Affidavit of support) form? I have included bank statements, pay stubs and employment verification letter. I don't have a return ticket, is it mandatory to include return ticket in the application? I am on h1b and my visa expires in Aug 2019 and my employer is in the process of extending my visa. Will it be a problem if we are requesting for visitor visa extension, beyond my h1b expiry date? Also, can we request extension for 6 more months, will the chances of getting approval increase if we request for a shorter term? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi All,My employer A is acquired by another company B.My employer said that there is no need for H1B amendment.I am planning to travel to India end of April 2017. It will be helpful if anyone traveled to India in a similar situation.Should I mention the new companies name or the old companies name on DS-160(My I797 and LCA still have Company A's name.)I have got stamped twice on H1B(Once in India and once in Canada) with company X(Not Company A). This will be my 3rd H1b stamping.Thanks and Regards,SM
  6. Ramnath

    H4 Stamping without Ammendment

    Jairichi, Thanks for the response. What should she say if they ask for my work Location. My current location is not same as the client location mentioned on I129. Thanks once again.
  7. Hi, My wife is having visa interview in India and she is carrying my old and new LCA's. My h1b is not ammended. If asked for LCA which LCA should she provide to the visa officer? Thanks in advance
  8. Ramnath

    Visa approved on 18th Dec Vancouver

    My interview was on Thursday Dec 20th. How soon can I expect my passport to available for pickup.
  9. Ramnath

    Successful h1b stamping Vancouver Dec 20th

    Salary on LCA is the minimum salary you need to be paid by your employer for that position in the location mentioned on your LCA. Salary on LCA varies from place to place. You can get more that what you have on LCA and no one objects it. VO will not ask you about salary on LCA and paystub. If at all VO asks you just tell him your employer pays that amount for xxxx position with x yeas of experience.
  10. Ramnath

    Dec 20th H1B Visa Approved @ Vancouver

    Srini even I got stampped on 20th do you have any information about when we will be able to collect the ppt from loomis?
  11. Ramnath

    Successful h1b stamping Vancouver Dec 20th

    You can say 80K. Your salary need not match the salary on LCA but it should not be less than the salary on LCA.Thanks
  12. Ramnath

    Change on Visa Interview location

    If you want to reschedule in a different location you have to cancel the current appointment.
  13. EVC H1b renewal VO: How long have you been working with your employer? ME: Since 2011 Jan VO: What is your annual Salary? ME: XXXXX VO: Do you have an end client? How long have you been working with end client? ME: Yes. 1 year VO: Do you have clinet letter? Me: Yes VO: Give me the client letter and LCA I gave client letter and LCA to the VO he checked the location on Client Letter and LCA. Asked me is your client in XXXX location. I said yes. He said my visa is approved. It was a 3-4 min interview. He was doing some typing in between. Be confident if you have a job you will get your visa and be prepared with your answers and don't tell too much to the VO. Answers should be short and confident.
  14. Ramnath

    Visa approved on 18th Dec Vancouver

    Hi Can you give me your email ID?
  15. Could you please provide me with your email ID?