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  1. h1batvancouver

    Doesn't have W2 for year 2008

    Every moment in life is gamble. Life doesn't come with warranty and guarantee. You need to accept the fact. My suggestions are always based on my personal experience and i don't trust/make cooked up stories. "THEY CAN" ask anything during interview. They can ask paystubs for last 1-2-3 yrs. Can you gaurantee that VO will not ask paystub more than 3-6 months?? But every lawyer suggests 3-6 months. We can't just argue on exceptional cases. Take it easy my friend !!
  2. h1batvancouver

    Doesn't have W2 for year 2008

    My attorney/friends/employer suggested to take last 2-3 yrs W-2. I don't know why you hate to accept the truth. ** I haven't heard or read any post in any of the immigration forums where VO asked W2 more than last 2-3 yrs. All my posts are based on reality and process followed by me as per my attorney/employer suggestion. I don't use "if" and "but" and don't advise/suggest people based on stories. There is no gamble in it!! If you think you can create a panic among folks going for interview. You may succeed!!
  3. h1batvancouver

    Doesn't have W2 for year 2008

    At interview, VO asks for latest W2 (may go up to last 2-3 yrs). Will not ask for W-2 from day 1 -till date. No way he will ask all W-2. If you have a special case/heard of it let me know. I have no issue learning from you.
  4. h1batvancouver

    Doesn't have W2 for year 2008

    Did i say they will not check past employment history? My suggestion was what happened in past is beyond his control at this point of time. So i told him atleast provide good employment record in future. If you just want to counter post without understanding my intention. I cannot do much.
  5. h1batvancouver

    Doesn't have W2 for year 2008

    Looks like you are in a hurry to counter post rather than understanding the post. ** My suggestion was to provide clean history in future. I didnot state anywhere VO checks future employment.
  6. Did you read my post? If not pls understand word-word. I didnot say to lie during interview. My version of saying was whatever degree you have, you need to present your case with supporting docs/information. So, Pls do read completely before you post.
  7. @iham As you said, your PO/contract agreement is with company "P" . Company "P" will be your prime vendor. Employer >>P >> Client Do you have kind of legal agreements with company "Q"? If not you cant exclude company "Q" dont worry about it. If you have any kind of legal agreement with company "Q", Its better you show with supporting documents. Thanks
  8. @Yamini: You always get training from your employer to get job as "System analyst" or "programmer analyst". Support this with few computer related courses from bachelors in Mechanical engineering. So sit back and relax !! You will get it
  9. @ashokn09 NO slips will be given for PIMS. VO said it might take additional couple of days. Handed me waybill instructions page (how and where to check the status)
  10. h1batvancouver

    Need appointment in March at Vancouver

    No one here will help reserving slot for you. You have to sit down and book the slot on your own. Do you expect other to attend interview on your behalf?? Dont be lazy...
  11. h1batvancouver

    Doesn't have W2 for year 2008

    Last 2 yrs W-2 are more than enough. Dont think much on things happened in past. Provide clean employment history in future and prepare well for interview.
  12. h1batvancouver


    You cannot do anything with PIMS, it will take additional 2 days in receving you passport. Thats what happened to me.
  13. I had PIMS for my interview on Jan 28 (Mon), received passport on Feb 1(Friday). Status changed to Issued on Jan 31. Even I was worried about PIMS, but just sit and relax.
  14. h1batvancouver

    Canada consulate in NY

    You would have saved time if you can google rather than posting here. Apply to Detroit canada embassy, it is quick in processing application (appx. 3 weeks you will get back your passport)
  15. h1batvancouver

    Canada Temporary Visa -Photo-get it here

    Guys, Just go to sears and ask them photo required for applying Canada visa, they have special instructions. They charge somewhere $18-$20 for 4 photos.