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  1. I have submitted on oct 3rd and still its showing admin processing. i called them asking how long they said its still undergoing admin processing and dont know how long it gonna take which is bs and ridiculous. what a fkn system it is.
  2. kabirkhan12

    case update date is today but still admin process

    I dont know if that will work because my visa status is still admin processing. I believe if the status changes to visa issued then our waybill no will be created. correct me if i am wrong.
  3. kabirkhan12

    case update date is today but still admin process

    Honestly i would really wanna know why did it went admin process. i have no clue y.
  4. kabirkhan12

    case update date is today but still admin process

    Let me know if u get that email to pick u r pp. thnx
  5. In ceac website my case update date is today date and its still under admin processing. I submitted my pp on 3rd oct for further process after the request email is received. i dont understand why it still states admin process? if the processing wasnt over why did i got an email to submit my pp?
  6. HI, I have submitted my PP on Oct 3rd and my status still showing admin process. I was wondering how long will it take to get my pp back. Did anyone got there pp back @ toronto who submitted on the same day? Thanks
  7. kabirkhan12

    toronto accomodation share

    HI, if anyone willing to share an accommodation from today or later in toronto (GTA area) untill OCT 11th please contact me or reply here with contact info asap. Thank you
  8. Hi guyz, Please reply me if anyone interested in sharing accommodation in Toronto from Oct 3 - Oct 11. I am travelling for my H1b Visa. I am open for hotel room or room in a private house. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  9. kabirkhan12

    Reapplying for H1B visa

    Hi, I got an email from Embassy stating you can reapply for H1B visa in u r country of present residence if you wish to. Now i am in India and i would like to reapply for my H1b visa as my earlier in Toronto was put under 221g year ago. The problem in my case is my original 797 with I94 is with with US Embassy in Toronto, So can i reapply and appear for Visa interview with the Copy of I797 at us embassy in india and if so will there be any problem at port of entry if i get visa. I cannot travel back to canada as i dont have a valid canadian visa. Please let me know what should i do.
  10. kabirkhan12

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    how much sure are you about if you withdraw your application from US consulate in toronto u can reapply with same in India? I haven't heard anyone doing that or if there is such option. Please let me know if that is possible. Thanks
  11. same as i am planning to send it from here via DHL
  12. Hello Everyone, Recently i got clearance on my h1b 221g from US embassy in Canada. I got this clearance after 16 months after my first interview. At the moment i dont have valid canada visit visa to travel to Canada. I applied one from here(India) but they rejected my visit visa application. So now how should i proceed further with my application. Can i courier my passport from india to canada for stamping / can my case be transferred to embassy in Inida. Kindly suggest me what options do i left with for my stamping. Thanks
  13. Dear Friends, I went for H1B visa stamping in toronto 15 months ago and my case was put under 221g admin processing. Unfortunately my case still remains pending. I waited for few months in Canada and then came back to India. Mean while i renewed my Passport as my existing passport was about the expire. Now my concern is do i have to fill or submit any form to US embassy in toronto as they dont have my new passport information. Will i be having any problem when i go and submit my new passport after i get clearance on my 221g if i dont let them know in advance about my new passport. Please let me know what should i do in this case. Thanks
  14. Hello guyz, I came to canada for my H1b stamping and got 221g for admin processing. Its been now more than 4 months and no response from embassy yet. The other problem is my My Indian passport has less than 5 months of validity. I contacted VFS in Canada and they said i cant get my pp renewed in Canada as i am on visitor status. US will not stamp visa if the PP doesnt have min 6 months validity. What are my options. i only had single entry visa to canada. So what should i do? Please let me know your suggestions regarding this. Thanks