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  1. rainbow04

    H1 to H4 Change of Status

    Hello, My H1B is valid till 2021 based on I-140, my husband's H1B is getting expired in August 2019 ( GC hasn't been filed yet). He went to Matamoros, Mexico to get H4 stamped, so that I can file for him to work on H4 EAD. VO asked him lot of details and documentation about me, which he has provided everything. VO kept his passport back with him and gave 221g. They asked him to wait for few days. We have no idea how long will they take to do the verification. Is there anyone who have come across similar situation? How long will it take? Your answers would be very much appreciated !! Thanks !!
  2. rainbow04

    Admin Processing - Confusing Statuses

    Hello, I am in the same situation as well. Still the status shows as Administrative processing. But when I tracked my passport, it says passport has been received from Consulate, ready to post for the delivery. Visa status is making me worried all the time. Thanks